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for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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One World,
Unlimited Adventure

Flight simulation can be pretty dull without a feeling of purpose. Even the most adventurous simmers can fall into the trap of flying only familiar routes and aircraft.

As a contract pilot on The Skypark, you can choose worldwide adventure or chase financial success.

Wonder where you'll go first? Your assistant "Brigit" will help, your only job is to fly!

What is
The Skypark?

Available exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, The Skypark is a living playground within your sim. Indulge your fantasies of traveling the world by air while working a market of worldwide contracts.

A revolutionary platform for the enjoyment of flight simulation built on a simple concept... Less Planning, More Flying. The Skypark combines characters, contract jobs, tours, and adventures for pilots to use their custom aircraft and scenery collections to reignite their passion for flight.

Explore the world
like never before.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 delivers a visual experience like no other by wrapping the entire globe with photoreal imagery out of the box. With that, a new standard has been set for what's considered a default airport. This ensures you'll enjoy exciting approaches whether you only use default airports or collect custom scenery titles like trading cards. You'll rediscover airports you forgot you had, and ones never knew existed!

Share your adventures with others.

Whether you're a content creator that flies with viewers or a casual pilot that likes to fly with friends, sharing adventures with others has never been this easy. Just enter an existing contract code into the Smart Search, and you'll get a unique contract with the same route, automagically!

Get Skypad

Built from the ground up, SkyOS running on Skypad is at the heart of your assigned virtual equipment on The Skypark. Featuring pre-installed apps for contract browsing & management, flight tracking, banking & tracking your progress, SkyOS is a platform built for the future.
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