YBBN Brisbane International Airport

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Welcome to the next generation of Orbx international airports!

Featuring pristine 7/15/60cm per pixel imagery. Developed by Martin Henare and Russ White who have 30 years design and 3D modeling experience between them, they have created something remarkable with this airport. Using completely new technology developed by the Orbx team, this airport will astonish you with its detail and realism. The entire project has been modeled in 3DSMax, which allows plenty of innovation. The airport features world first 7cm aprons created synthetically but offering crisp markings, bump mapped reflective glass that reflect the airport scene, amazingly detailed ground vehicles , stunning photoreal surrounds including marshlands, Fisherman Island docks, the twin Gateway Bridges and much more.

The airport is depicted as was at time of release, circa 2010.

Key Features

  • Super crisp 7/15/60cm imagery
  • Modeled from 2,000 onsite photos
  • Entire precinct superbly modeled
  • 4 terminals (Intl, Dom, GA, Cargo)
  • Nose-In-Guidance-System (NIGS)
  • 65 km sq of 60cm photoreal area
  • Control Panel for scenery tuning
  • Real-time scene reflective glass
  • Ground service equipment vehicles
  • Includes dual Gateway Bridges
  • Includes freeway roadworks
  • Elevated railway and stations
  • Includes Fishermans Island docks
  • Port with ships and cranes
  • TextureFlow optimised!
  • By Russ White and Martin Henare
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