Easier to use. More features. Faster.

Central is all you need to get started downloading and installing your Orbx products on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Cross-Platform Support

More choice than
ever before.

We want to bring our installation technology and products to as many flight simmers as possible. To do this, we've re-written Central from the ground up - targeting Windows, macOS and Linux.

The Central experience is the same no matter your operating system.

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New Experiences

Discover the world.

Explore the world of Orbx on our product map. See all your products at a glance. Discover new places you'll fall in love with.

Simplicity Redefined

Express buy and install.

Adding to your Orbx collection has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can purchase and install any product in our catalogue.

It's that easy.

Where would you like to install?

My TrueEarth HDD


Super-fast SSD

E:\Orbx Scenery

Ultimate Control

Install your products anywhere.

You can now choose where to install your Orbx products. With multiple installation libraries, we're giving you ultimate control.

In Prepar3D v4, this makes use of the add-on package system. If you re-install your simulator, you won't need to re-install your Orbx products again. We'll take care of everything.

In X-Plane 11, Central automatically creates and manages symbolic links, connecting your Custom Scenery directory to your Central Library.

Optimisation Improvements

Faster and more efficient.

The download and installation process in Central has been optimised more than ever before. You'll see speeds up to 4x faster than in FTX Central 3.

Central will automatically create and manage backups. If you reinstall a product, it will extract it directly from your PC instead of downloading it from our super-fast CDN.

Let's get started.

Central requires Windows 7 SP1+, Windows 8.1, Windows 10,
macOS High Sierra or later, or Linux.

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