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Welcome to World Class Support!

Welcome to World Class Support! No questions unanswered. Our philosophy at Orbx is "the customer is king". If you've got any issues with Orbx products, from installation assistance, performance tuning, bugs, or just any general queries about any aspect of our products or the simulators we support, then please visit the Orbx Support Forums and we'll be ready to provide assistance. You'll also find a vibrant community there as well!

How to get quick support

For any account issues or payment support, please create a ticket. Do not use this for technical support related to products. Inappropriate messages or foul language will not be tolerated.

Orbx Libraries

The recommended way to download the Orbx Libraries is via Orbx Central. If your Orbx Libraries are out of date, you will see an orange dot beside the Orbx Libraries product within Orbx Central. Simply click on this product and press Update to begin the update process.

LEGAL NOTICE: The Orbx Libraries (Orbxlibs) are licensed for use ONLY with Orbx products licensed by our customers. Whilst they are freely distributed on this site and our forums it is for the support of our own products only. It is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN to modify, use, call GUIDs, reference, extract or in anyway make use of Orbxlibs in any software project be it freeware, donation ware or payware. Any mis-use of Orbxlibs will invoke legal action.