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//42 //42 The Skypark $42.00 AUD $33.18 AUD Flight simulation can be pretty dull without a feeling of purpose. As a contract pilot on The Skypark, you can choose worldwide adventure or chase financial success.
  • MSFS
REX Simulations REX Weather Force $30.00 AUD METAR-based dynamic real-time weather engine for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Experience automated, dynamic, and smooth weather transitions.
  • MSFS
SoFly SoFly Weather Preset Pro $8.99 AUD 60 stunning weather presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • MSFS
TFDi Design TFDi Design PACX $41.99 AUD $29.39 AUD PACX seeks to bring the feeling of responsibility and the significance of travelling with passengers and crew to your simulator.
  • FSX
  • MSFS
  • P3DV1
  • P3DV2
  • P3DV3
  • P3DV4
  • P3DV5
  • XP11