X-Codr Designs was started in 2017 with the release of my first commercial product, KSEZ - Sedona. Previously I had developed a number of freeware packages (KFJK, KTEL, KMVN to name a few), which provided a substantial boost to my reputation when I entered the commercial market.

Since the initial release of Sedona, I've released numerous commercial packages including KDEN, KWYS, 1G4, KTEX, and Airport Enhancement Pack, as well as numerous feature updates for these various packages, and a freeware KMGM which I partnered with AeroDesigns to create.

Throughout the history of X-Codr Designs, one thing has remained consistent - a dedication to premium, quality, and cutting-edge products, and a commitment to making sure every customer gets the best possible experience.

Here at X-Codr Designs, we use the latest technology in all our sceneries. From physical-based rendering of normal maps for gorgeous materials to ultra-detailed models, to particle systems for geothermal eruptions, if the technology exists, it is used to enhance our products.