Your World.

Your Orbs.


We've made it easy

Orbs are automatically deposited into your account across OrbxDirect and Volanta. Spending them is even easier.

Easy to earn
Easy to earn

Every purchase earns you Orbs, including Volanta Premium. You can also earn by completing challenges and capturing aerocaches.

Your choices
Your choices

The Orbs Store updates frequently. Check back often to snag your next product for free.

Grow your balance
Grow your balance

Your realtime Orbs balance is shown across the Orbx ecosystem - just look for the Orbs symbol.


A growing Orb-conomy

Keep an eye out for new ways to earn and redeem Orbs. We're just getting started building our Orb-conomy.

View your transactions

You can see your transaction info at any time from within your OrbxDirect account.

Orbs Transactions

Redeem Orbs

Spend your Orbs on a selection of products listed in the Orbs Store. Check back regularly for the latest products!

Orbs Store

Frequently asked questions

What are the Orbs?

Orbx has introduced a form of in-game currency, the Orbs. They are yours to collect and earn by performing various actions, and purchasing directly from our store.

How do I earn Orbs?

Every Orbx customer will be assigned an initial wallet, with some Orbs to start, based on their tenure with Orbx. Buying anything from our store and signing up for Volanta Premium, for example, will earn you Orbs, as will some activities when you complete them. We are going to add more and more activities to earn Orbs, so stay alert for special days and missions coming up.

What do I do with them?

Select products from the Orbx store and use orbs at the checkout. We will also have some exclusive “Orbs only” content and products. Like some of the best things in life, money cannot buy those. Only Orbs can.

Can I convert the Orbs to cash?

Ha, no.

Can I “pass” or gift the Orbs to someone else?

Not at this stage.

Where can I learn more?

More information is available in our Orbs Terms and Conditions.