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Cartayna Files out of the interest of many of our clients, has created this pack out of our existing configurations only including such that belong to the USA and Canada. This way, users that are only interested on flying on that area are not forced to buy packs that include many others that might not be of their interest. There will be future packs for this to regions once we have enough configurations to release the next NA pack. Hope you enjoy it!

**VIP: As stated by FSDT on its manuals and forum, configurations will not work on sceneries purchased in Marketplace due to GSX issues with them. **

Cartayna Files became the largest and most experienced GSX configuration developer in the market. Since the release of P3D's GSX Level 2 in 2018 and with its over 100 advanced configurations for such a platform, Cartayna Files has decided to bring in another developer, Oscar Martinez, with advanced ATC controlling and programming to continue to bring to you the same experience in MSFS2020. Since unfortunately are not compatible, all configurations need to be redone from scratch.

We are configuring the most demanded airports and here we bring you the most first pack with the following airports:

ICAO Developer

  • CYHZ FSimStudios 1.30
  • CYOW Roman Design 1.40
  • KBOS Fly Tampa 1.20
  • KDEN Flightbeam 1.10
  • KEWR Drzewiecki Design 1.10
  • KIAD Flightbeam 1.20
  • KLAS Fly Tampa 1.76
  • KPHL MK Studios 1.01
  • KSAN Latin VFR 1.05
  • TJSJ Latin VFR 1.02

Some of these configurations have been developed with the help of real-life airport staff in order to provide you with the best sense of immersion. Cartayna Files are the only configurations in the market that pushbacks have been customized one by one, helping the pilot to perform the operation matching the ATC's instructions of "Facing X on Y".

Please refer to the User Guide for more information.

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