Sonicviz Aircraft Manager

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Frustrated you can’t favorite planes, tag them, or take notes?

Would you like to switch custom aircraft control presets automatically?

Aircraft Manager for MSFS: Turbocharge Your User Experience

Aircraft Manager Benefits & Features

  • Aircraft Control Presets: Automatically switch aircraft device control presets. Note: Check Known Issues on for duplicate device info before buying.
  • WEIGHT & BALANCE PRESETS: Rapid learning, quick save/load in fly mode.
  • FAVORITE LIVERY: Reload last used livery when switching planes
  • Favorites: Quick tagging/untagging of favorites + fast filter favorites.
  • Tags: Save, sort, and/or filter by your own custom tag system.
  • Notes: Save key information as custom notes to quickly recall before flying.
  • Filter by any single or combined text/number value to compare/contrast.
  • Sort by any info column to get insight into your aircraft collection.
  • Quick Resets: Buttons to quick reset all combinations of filters & sorting.
  • Auto convert speed/alt/range to metric or imperial values.
  • Integrated into the standard MSFS aircraft search & filter system.
  • Select aircraft.
  • Columns: Adjust column size by dragging column dividers
  • User Experience: Improved visual feedback & other cues

Visit Sonicviz for Tips, Videos, Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and Known Issues

Want to get the best out of Aircraft Manager? Use the included help tools.

There is a small learning curve with the Aircraft Manager user interface, and the most efficient way to learn it is via a simple process.

  • Use the tool tips that show up when you mouse over the column header
  • Read the annotated quick help guide image that is included with the download, and shown above here. Click where shown, understand what happens as a result.
  • Watch the videos on the website project page for deeper insights.
  • Ask support via the form at the bottom of the website project page if you don’t understand something, or have found a bug/issue to report.

You will then have a more complete understanding of how it works, and then you can decide how you want to use it, the way that suits you best. It’s quite flexible in that regard.

**IMPORTANT: Keyboard and Mouse are required to use Aircraft Manager properly. **

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Sonicviz Aircraft Manager screenshot Sonicviz Aircraft Manager screenshot Sonicviz Aircraft Manager screenshot Sonicviz Aircraft Manager screenshot



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You will need Orbx Central to download and install this product. Orbx Central runs on Windows 7+, macOS and Linux. An internet connection is also required.

The download size of this product is 1.81 MB. It uses 4.89 MB when installed.

Supported Simulators

This product is compatible with the following simulators:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Supported Operating Systems

This product is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows