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Download FTX Central Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 An internet connection and .NET Framework 4.5 are required By clicking the Download button you agree to the End-User License Agreement

Access & install all your products instantly.

With the new FTX Central (FTXC) it's easier than ever to manage your growing collection of Orbx products. Our smart application knows what you already have installed in your Orbx folder and automatically lists your products by categories such as FTX Global, Europe, North America and more. You have complete control over which of your Orbx products are installed on your PC. FTXC visually shows which products you own and which are installed locally or are still in your OrbxDirect account. You'll even be (optionally) shown which products you haven't purchased yet to complete your Orbx collection.

Then as you need them, just click on an uninstalled product and all the work is taken care of automatically, quickly and in the background. No order numbers, no dates, no serial codes and no unwrapping. Everything is managed for you by FTXC so you can focus more on flying instead of file management.

Downloading made simple, with choices.

We've completely re-written FTXC from the ground up using much leaner optimised code, so downloads are super fast. Choose from using our 200-node global CDN, or download directly from our Australian server. You can download one or many products at once. Choose to download and forget, or download and save a file copy on your archive drive, it's all up to you.

FTXC supports resuming so if your internet is interrupted just launch it again and your downloads begin from the last good chunk you got. If you need to free up some space, uninstalling products is now instant, and you can re-install them at any time either from our cloud or your local backup copies. You have total control.

Purchasing is fast and integrated.

With one click you're taken to the OrbxDirect web store, where all our products are listed in the same categories you see in FTX Central. You can browse at your leisure, view the crystal clear screenshots and videos, add products to the basket and continue shopping or check out. You can use your favourite debit or credit card.

The OrbxDirect website talks directly to FTX Central so as soon as you check out you'll see Windows notifications of your purchases and they will appear in the product category list. You'll also get an email from us to confirm your purchases. It's completely seamless and magical.