05S Vernonia Municipal Airport

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PNW Revisited!

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, 05S Vernonia is Orbx developer Misha Cajic's first airport project. It is situated in a beautiful, yet challenging location with hills on every side, and a runway length of 896 metres. The scenery includes the entire airport area modelled to the tiniest details, with rusty buildings, signs, extensive clutter, as well as all new grasses and vegetation! The coverage area also extends a few miles south to cover a bonus airstrip, 30OR Bero Field, which has also been accurately modelled in the scenery. It is very difficult to get into unless you have a very high performance STOL aircraft, with tall trees and hills on both approach paths and a runway length of merely 366 metres. We are sure you will be delighted by the atmospheric and characterful place that is Vernonia!

Key Features

  • 30/60cm ground imagery
  • Custom modeled airport
  • Custom modeled town center
  • Ambient occlusion techniques
  • Dense grass for amazing realism!
  • Challenging setting with hills
  • TextureFlow optimized
  • Includes Orbx Flow technology
  • Covers entire township of Vernonia
  • Includes BONUS 30OR Bero Field
  • Uses latest 3D lighting tech
  • Developed by Misha Cajic

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