3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport

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Beautiful Skagit County hosts Concrete Municipal Airport, which shares real estate with the high school set in the center of the town of Concrete. The Orbx duo of Andreas Hegi and Heiko Glatthorn (Hervey Bay, Darrington) continue to impress with their fanatical attention to detail and this airport simply oozes atmosphere in spades. You will enjoy exploring the whole town -including the gray tall Portland Superior Cement Silos, Henry Thompson Bridge, home of the numerious local churches, gas stations, coffee stand, local grocer, Lower Baker Dam, the Old Town of Concrete and many buildings accurately modeled.

The airport itself is a perfect rendition of the real thing, based on hundreds of photos taken on site. If you loved Darrington Muni, put Concrete on your must-have list!

Key Features

  • Ground imagery 60/30cm per pixel
  • Beautifully modeled airport & town
  • FSX gmax poly runway and aprons
  • Spectacular valley, river and dam
  • Large coverage of photoreal area
  • Accurate watermasks for the rivers
  • Photos taken onsite by Orbx staff
  • TextureFlow optimised modeling
  • Custom GA AI Traffic movements
  • Seamlessly blends into FTX PNW
  • Expertly seasonally color matched
  • By Andreas Hegi & Heiko Glatthorn

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