74S Anacortes Airport

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The Heart of Fidalgo Island

Acclaimed developer Jarrad Marshall has created something truly special with 74S Anacortes Airport, giving you not just a hyper-detailed airport as an FBO, but most of beautiful Fidalgo Island to explore. Additionally, there are auxiliary landing areas - including the Burrows Island Lighthouse Helipad, Allan Island private airstrip and the 21H Skyline water landing area. The entire city of Anacortes is represented, and also the Deception Pass Bridge (specifically for your low-flying adventures!), the detailed refinery area nearby and many other POIs. The scenery seamlessly integrates with KBVS Skagit Regional airport (also from Orbx), and uses 7cm, 15cm and 60cm photoreal imagery. A wonderful destination oozing with typical Jarrad Marshall attention to detail!

Key Features

  • Ultra-detailed modelling
  • Baked ambient occlusion models
  • 6 Highly-detailed static aircraft
  • 60cm coverage for most POIs
  • 15cm ground poly at airport
  • City of Anacortes included
  • Detailed refinery area included
  • Ultra-detail Deception Pass Bridge
  • By Jarrad Marshall

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To download and install this product you will need FTX Central v3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above is required by FTX Central v3. Windows XP is not supported. FTX Central v3 is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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