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Adventum Simulations is proud to announce the release of our product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Adventure Tours Hawaii.

Explore the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands as you take to the skies as a tour pilot to fly tourists around each of the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Amazing coastlines, rugged canyons, white sandy beaches, and the world's largest volcano await for you to discover why you fly around this beautiful island paradise.

The product includes 48 different activities with unlimited replayability.

v1.2.2210 Autumn Update

  • Optimized Tour Routes (Volcanoes Natl Park Now Lands at PHTO)
  • Navlog Text Updates
  • Added Ambient Camera Sounds to Pineapple Island and Volcanoes National Park Tours
  • Updated Solar Calendar to Fall 2022 for all activities
  • UI Organization in Custom Content Area
  • Community Folder Optimization
  • Various Bug / Screenshot Fixes
  • Product Demo Available (See Below)
  • 747 Landing Challenge Updated To Real Weather
  • Various Landing Challenge Fixes

Authentic Tour Guide Experience - Addison, our tour guide from Australia, will be giving your tour passengers custom narrated tours with each flight. The tours are filled with points of interest information, Hawaiian culture and history, pop culture facts, and geographic information for all eight of the major Hawaiian Islands.

24 - Adventure Tours Hawaii Tour Missions - You won't be flying multiple leg-to-leg routes with Adventure Tours. Our tour missions were created from the inspiration of real-life aircraft tour operators by having just one takeoff and one landing to complete each tour. The tours included are:

  1. Volcanoes National Park Tour (Big Island, Hawaii)
  2. Kohala Coast Tour (Big Island, Hawaii)
  3. Kona Coast Tour (Big Island, Hawaii)
  4. West Maui Tour (Maui, Hawaii)
  5. East Maui Tour (Maui, Hawaii)
  6. Kaho'oloe Island Tour (Maui, Hawaii)
  7. Pineapple Island Tour (Lanai, Hawaii)
  8. Molokai Island Tour (Molokai, Hawaii)
  9. West O'ahu Island Tour (O'ahu, Hawaii)
  10. East O'ahu Island Tour (O'ahu, Hawaii)
  11. Garden Island Tour (Kaua'i, Hawaii)
  12. Forbidden Island Tour (Ni'ihau, Hawaii)

Each mission is available in two different mission modes: Casual and Advanced Pilot

Casual Pilot Start: These missions are created for those using Microsoft Flight Simulator on XBOX X|S or PC with a controller/gamepad. You will start at the end of the departure runway, with the engine running, so you can just throttle up and go. After you complete the tour, land the aircraft and simply shut down the engine to achieve each mission.

Advanced Pilot Start: These missions are designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator users who have access to keyboard and mouse, yoke or joystick with keyboard, or those who are savvy with the XBOX X|S controller. You will start at the parking ramp with the aircraft in a "cold & dark" state. You will need to perform entire aircraft startup and shutdown procedures to complete each mission.

24 Tour Missions in Total (Includes 12 Tour Missions for each Mode)

4 - Adventum Discovery Flights - The package includes four discovery flights that start you in the air over some genuinely epic scenery. These are:

  • Mauna Loa Volcano - You will pilot the Pilatus PC-6 above the largest active volcano in the world, Mauna Loa. Marvel at its sheer size at 13,678 feet above sea level.
  • Haleakala National Park - Experience sunrise at one of the most popular tourist spots on Maui in the Pilatus PC-6. As the sun rises over the volcanic crater of Haleakala, you will see the sun and shadows dance across the multiple cinder cones within the crater.
  • Pearl Harbor - A place of historical importance in U.S. history, Pearl Harbor is both beautiful and a place to remember for those lives lost during Pearl Harbor's attack by Imperial Japan in 1941. You will pilot low and slow with the FlightDesign CT to see all the harbor points of interest.
  • Waimea Canyon - Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, you will pilot the Pitts Biplane around the beautiful multi-colored cliffs weaving in and out of the canyons.

60+ Additional Points of Interest - New POIs added with proper place names across the four different areas.

20 - Adventum Landing Challenges - Test your landing skills with over 15 aircraft across 20 airports. Take control of everything from a Savage Cub to a Boeing F-18. The landing challenges start you on the downwind leg of a standard traffic pattern using live weather.

Adventure Tours: Hawaii 208B Grand Caravan Livery - A beautiful custom repaint livery in an Adventum Tours: Hawaii theme to use with some of the tours included in our package or when creating your own Hawaiian area flights.

Detailed Nav Logs - The Nav Logs included on each flight have vivid screenshots for each navigation point to help you not get lost. The Nav Logs also include airport charts, when available, to help you navigate on the ground to the parking area after your flight.

Live Weather - All our tour and discovery flights and landing challenges use live weather. This setting is used on each mission, so users have a different weather experience each time.

Airport Charts - A package of airport charts are available below for you to download and print or use along with your flights.

Product Demo - Features Four Activities and a demonstration of the custom speech included in the full product. Download here: Adventure Tours Hawaii Demo » Microsoft Flight Simulator


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