SSSS São Francisco do Sul Airport

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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The São Francisco do Sul Airport that which serves the municipality of the same name, has a grassy and signposted track of 700 meters with a spectacular approach over Babitonga Bay.

There are aircraft hangars for general aviation light and Sporting, and serves as a base for the PMSC EAGLE in the north of the state.

The scenario of San Francisco do Sul - SSSS was created with several ANIMATIONS. In this exclusive version, the doors and windows of the hangars open and close at different times of the day, and the static and dynamic objects change over time and with different climatic conditions.

Product Specifications:

There are almost 80 static and dynamic Assets modeled exclusively for this scenario. Below is a list of some of them:

  • ✈Diverse People (static and dynamic);
  • ✈Vehicles;
  • ✈Animals;
  • ✈Furniture;
  • ✈Experimental Aircraft;
  • ✈Dynamic flag;
  • ✈Antennas;
  • ✈Harbor cranes;
  • ✈Trapiches;
  • ✈Static and dynamic vessels;
  • ✈Fishermen's shacks typical of the region;
  • ✈Traffic signs and information;
  • ✈Monument - Morro da Cruz;
  • ✈Public lighting poles around the aerodrome;
  • ✈Track markings with tires and concrete plates.
  • ✈Taxi tracks and several positions, fully functional;
  • ✈PBR textures.
  • ✈08 Hangars and the PMSC Rotating Wing base, recreated from an "in loco" survey, designed exactly like the real ones.
  • ✈Modeling of the ports of São Francisco do Sul and Itapoá (Visual reference for flights in the region).
  • ✈Modeling of the Marina di Capri.
  • ✈Insertion of MORRO DA CRUZ, near the Port of São Francisco do Sul.
  • ✈Insertion of the Babitonga Bay pier.

Enjoy this beautiful aerodrome and fly in the visual corridors of TMA Curitiba and TMA Floripa and be enchanted by the coast of southern Brazil.

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