Aeroplane Heaven HE-111 P2 Heinkel (PBR)

for Prepar3D v4+

Due to restrictions placed on Germany following World War1, military aircraft production was prohibited, especially any type of bomber. In 1934, presented and disguised as an “airliner”, a prototype HE1-11 was designed and first flew on 24th. February 1935. It was immediately praised for its high speed capability.

Its advanced elliptical shapes of the control surfaces impressed Reginald Mitchell, the designer of the Supermarine Spitfire on a pre-war factory visit and was the inspiration for that most beautiful of aeroplane wings and in a touch of irony, a major contribution to the Spitfire’s domination of the skies across Europe and beyond.

Promoted as the fastest airliner in the World, with a top speed in excess of 250 MPH. , development of the design continued as a medium bomber as the dark clouds of war gathered and other manufacturers like Junkers and Dornier joined the drive to equip the Luftwaffe with the very best aircraft.

The early models saw combat duty in the Spanish Civil War with the Condor Legion. Later, a new nose section was designed almost entirely of perspex with narrow framework and fitted with a semi-spherical gun mount - “Ikara” at the very front of the aircraft. Thus, the instantly recognisable “Heinkel HE-111 shape” was born. This “P” variant is the one modelled in this simulation.

The Heinkel HE-111 was used extensively in massed armadas in “Blitzkreig” - the lighting fast invasion of Europe.

During the Blitz of London, the characteristic roar of the “phasing” engines was, perhaps one of the most feared sounds, heralding the arrival of that night’s attacks.

Unique features of the models:

  • High Fidelity modelling in the exterior and interior ensure absolute accuracy and an uncommon amount of authentic detail including distinctive banded tyre treads and all correct decals and placards in German.
  • Fully animated seat-raising feature which raises not only the seat but all the flying controls too. This feature is included in both interior and exterior models where the pilot is also raised.
  • To accompany this, the special aero-screen and opening pilot top hatch are included.
  • Authentic simulation of the hydraulic lock system for flaps and landing gear with animated, realistic springs and spring actions.
  • Realistic bomb-drop sequences with characteristic tumbling bombs.
  • Fully animated pilot, bomb-aimer/front gunner and dorsal gunner.
  • Animated “Ikara” gun mount and ring can be operated in the cockpit (P3D and FSX) and exterior (P3D only)
  • Fully featured, correct engine start sequence.
  • Authentic animations for all control surfaces and tabs, landing gear, tailwheel and much more
  • All instruments are 3D modelled and include the working magnetic compass/course setter.
  • Navigation radios are included with a “hidden” navigation RMI for those wishing to fly navigation routines. The Heinkel was fitted with a rudimentary autopilot which is also simulated.

PBR Workflow materials The latest versions of Prepar3d are configured to use the very latest in texturing and material creation techniques, usually found in AAA computer games. The Aeroplane Heaven Heinkel HE 1-11 P2 takes full advantage of this aspect and is finished in PBR texturing for amazingly realistic effects such as weathering, paint deformation, scratches and dents and more. The effects are way ahead of anything seen in flight simulation before.

The techniques used in the PBR models for P3DV4.4+ have been specially adapted to enhance the appearance of the aircraft when flying in FSX.

In-game options:

  • A special configuration panel allows you to set up the aircraft for a “cold-dark” cockpit start sequence, and operate the bomb-doors and trigger the bombs whilst flying in exterior view.
  • A working radio suite is included together with hidden RMI gauge for basic simulated navigation flights.
  • 10 authentic liveries and a Pro-Quality Paintkit
  • Authentic livery schemes for a variety of aircraft including Hungarian and Italian machines is included.

For Prepar3d V4.4 and V4.5+, PBR (Physically-based-rendering) techniques are employed for all exterior and some interior textures. For FSX and Prepar3d V3 and lower, simulated techniques are used to provide improved appearance in those simulators.

Authentic flight dynamics Although there are no flying examples of the aeroplane left, every effort has been made to deliver a set of realistic and historically accurate flight dynamics. These have been authored from contemporary flight test reports, genuine, original factory manuals and pilot accounts of the time.

Stereo sound set Care has been taken to create an authentic sound suite for the Heinkel, including the “phasing” sound when the engines are out of sync. This is a signature sound for the Heinkel HE-111



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