Bristell B23

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B23 is the next-generation low-wing airplane released recently by BRISTELL. BRISTELL is a Czech aircraft manufacturer which has produced more than 670 LSA aircraft worldwide.

The B23 has been designed to satisfy the European CS23 / U.S. FAR23 certification basis. While the airplane looks similar to the classic BRISTELL LSA, many new design changes are applied. The fuselage is longer, and the tail with an aluminum rudder is larger. The flaps and stabilizer are bigger and more efficient. The composite main landing gear legs have been redesigned completely to carry much heavier loads than previous Bristell models, and the aircraft’s handling characteristics are much improved. In addition, the twin elevator trim tab greatly optimizes forces on the control stick.

The basic equipment includes a steerable nose wheel and a BRS ballistic parachute rescue system. The standard-equipped aircraft also meets the night-VFR requirements and can be upgraded to meet IFR requirements. It has a three-blade constant-speed propeller and the most spacious cockpit in its class.

The airplane's maximum take-off weight of 750 kg and an empty weight of 450 kg offer you 300 kg of useful load. With a 120-liter fuel tank capacity, the BRISTELL B23 is a very good cruiser. The airframe is designed for long life and has a robust structure, which makes it particularly well-suited for flight training.

ADVANCED AVIONICS AS STANDARD Two Garmin G3x Touch screens with SyntheticVision, NAV/COM Garmin GNC255 radio, ADSB transponder GTX345 WAAS/GPS, Autopilot Garmin GMC 507 + LEVEL button, L3 instruments

FLIGHT SCHOOLS Easy operation thanks to excellent stability, outstanding stall characteristics, and rich aircraft instrumentation. Adjustable propeller for optimal use of power.

FLYING FOR FUN Enjoy high-performance thanks to the combination of a ROTAX engine and an MT propeller. Enjoy great views from the cockpit. Enjoy flying with speed and action – it is nimble and responds exceptionally well to aircraft control.

TRAVELLING Fly with me; let's fly away – you have a range of 780 NM! Pack even that thick book you haven’t got around to reading yet, you can take up to 55 kg of luggage on the plane. Fly in comfort at any time, even at night.

FLY ANYTIME, EVEN AT NIGHT BRISTELL B23 is also certified for flying at night under VFR conditions. Enjoy a quiet night flight in a certified airplane with a dual glass cockpit and Garmin autopilot.


  • Wingspan 9.274 m
  • Wing area 11.75 m2
  • Wing loading 63.82 kg/m2
  • Aircraft length 6.585 m
  • Aircraft height 2.36 m
  • Cabin width 1.3 m


  • Empty weight 450 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) 750 kg
  • Useful load 300 kg
  • Fuel tanks capacity 120 l
  • Fuselage luggage compartment 15 kg
  • Wing luggage compartment 2 x 20 kg
  • Load factor +4/-2g


  • Stall speed without flaps VS1 50 KCAS (MTOW 750kg)
  • Stall speed with flaps VS0 43 KCAS (MTOW 750kg)
  • Maneuvering speed VA 98 KCAS
  • Maximum flap speed VFE 81 KCAS
  • Maximum horizontal flight speed VH 117 KTAS
  • Never exceeded speed VNE 156 KCAS
  • Best rate of climb speed Vy (flaps retracted), MTOP 74 KIAS
  • Best rate of climb (flaps retracted), MTOP 700 ft/min
  • Best angle of climb speed Vx, MTOP 62 KIAS
  • Best rate of climb speed Vy (flaps 10 °), MTOP 76 KIAS
  • Best rate of climb (flaps 10 °), MTOP 634 ft/min
  • Take-off distance (ground roll) 365 m
  • Take-off distance over 15m (50ft) obstacle 479 m
  • Landing distance (ground roll) 146 m
  • Landing distance from 15m (50ft) height 391 m
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