AI Traffic North America General Aviation P3Dv4

for Prepar3D v4

Produced by Graham Eccleston, Orbx is proud to offer this superb AI traffic package covering GA traffic across our North American Regions and airports. Watch the skies and airports come alive with traffic movements featuring Cessnas, Beechs and Pipers!

There is very little new content in this package apart from a comprehensive reworking of the AI models to P3D V4 standards.

This package maintains the limited coverage of the first release of the NA GA AI package. It should be noted however that there are now quite a number of additional traffic files that have been included in most of the NA regions and airports which are calling on the AI aircraft included in this pack. This means the spread of aircraft throughout the sim will grow as any new regions and airports are added.

Lua scripting has been used for night lighting and this will provide conditional lighting for all models. AI Aircraft will be in complete darkness from dusk to dawn with the cabin lights only on when the aircraft is active. Dynamic lighting is also available for all the AI models.

Please note that this package is suitable for P3D V4 only and should not be installed in FSX or P3D V3 and earlier versions.


User Guide



You will need Orbx Central to download and install this product. Orbx Central runs on Windows 7+, macOS and Linux. An internet connection is also required.

The download size of this product is 152.31 MB. It uses 930.98 MB when installed.

Supported Simulators

This product is compatible with the following simulators:

  • Prepar3D v4

Supported Operating Systems

This product is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows