MWCR Owen Roberts International Airport

for X-Plane 12
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Nestled in the Caribbean islands, MWCR Robert Owens International Airport stands tall as one of the busiest airports in the region. Serving as the gateway to the world-renowned Grand Cayman Island, this airport sees thousands of visitors every day, making it an increasingly important hub for tourism and commerce.

Our team has put strong effort into creating a fully custom 3D model of the entire airfield, including a fully modelled and textured 3D interior for you to explore! But we didn't stop there - the airport's environment has also received similar attention to detail. You'll find intricate custom ground work, animated ground vehicles, and even custom-designed carparks to add to the realism. The ground textures are created to take advantage of X-Plane's new rendering engine, giving you a truly authentic feel of the Caribbean airfield.

Whether you're flying in or out of this beautiful island destination, our MWCR Robert Owens International Airport scenery promises to deliver the ultimate simulation experience. Get ready to take your X-Plane 12 flights to the next level!

Key Features

  • Fully modelled & textured 3D interior
  • Custom ground textures & weather maps
  • Hand placed dirt and stains to match real world conditions
  • 3D trees & grass
  • Custom night lighting
  • High resolution PBR ground textures
  • Animated & functional marshallers (SAM Plugin)
  • Custom ground markings designed just for MWCR
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  • X-Plane 12

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  • Windows
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