EGDW Glenswinton Aerodrome

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EGDW (GB-0201) Glenswinton Aerodrome

Glenswinton Aerodrome is a small, privately owned airstrip nestled in the picturesque countryside of the UK and caters to both recreational and light aviation activities. Situated amidst rolling green hills, it offers a serene and scenic backdrop for flying enthusiasts.

Glenswinton Aerodrome has a rich aviation heritage dating back to the pioneering days of flight. Originally serving as a military airfield during World War I, it played a crucial role in defending the skies over the UK. After the war, the airfield transitioned into a civilian facility, becoming a hub for flying clubs and private aviators.

Over the decades, Glenswinton Aerodrome has witnessed numerous milestones in aviation history, from the golden age of biplanes to the modern era of sleek, high-performance aircraft. Its quaint hangar and vintage barns stand as silent witnesses to the evolution of GA aviation.

Despite changes in ownership over the years, Glenswinton Aerodrome has remained a beloved institution within the aviation community, cherished for its idyllic setting and enduring dedication to fostering a passion for flight. Today, it continues to serve as a vibrant hub for GA aviation enthusiasts of all ages, preserving its legacy as a cherished piece of the UK's aviation heritage. Today, the property is the site of a logging operation, but we have decided to keep the rich history and scenery of the area alive and not reflect these new operations.

Key Features

  • Custom Modeled buildings
  • Animated people and farm life
  • Hand built Dirt roads throughout the property
  • Custom forest to reflect satellite imaging
  • Real-world sloping runway
  • Custom Night lighting
  • Stonewall fencing throughout the airfield
  • Custom 3d modeled props and static objects
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