Blackwing BW 635RG

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Discover the ultimate ultralight, the Blackwing BW 635RG. An FAI world record holder in its class, with a top speed of 223 knots (413 km/h) on a straight course.

Built in partnership with the aircraft manufacturer, BLACKWING Sweden AB, this aircraft takes detail and speed to the next level.

This Swedish-built ultralight is fun and easy to fly with the Single Lever Power Control (SLPC), reducing pilot-facing complexity.


Derived from real-world CAD drawings provided by BLACKWING, the modelling and texturing is some of the most accurate seen in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As you move throughout the cockpit, you’ll see the geometry and materials crafted by 3D artist and industry veteran Russ White.

See the smudges on the screens of the Garmin avionics suite, accurate wear on the buttons and switches, intricate landing gear, and details like the individual LEDs that make up the strobe lights.

The sleek exterior of the Blackwing has been accurately modelled, with the carbon fibre material uniquely recreated, revealed through the clear coat when the light hits at the right angle.

Four unique liveries are included: Blue and Black, Blue, Gray and Red that look good no matter how close you get.

The large canopy provides excellent visibility from any angle. Perfect for exploring the world.

We’ve kept performance in mind, including multiple levels of detail (LOD) to ensure the simulator can choose the best quality/performance for your PC.

PLEASE NOTE: The aircraft model requires that the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-game flight model is set to "MODERN".


Although it’s a small aircraft, the BW 635RG has a full suite of Garmin avionics. From the touch screen G3X, to the GMA 345 audio panel, the GNC 255 radio, and GTX 345 transponder. All with custom 3D modelling.

The electrical system is modelled as per Blackwing’s aircraft documentation, including functioning circuit breakers. Both the master and backup switches perform multiple functions, modelled based on the real aircraft.

The built-in GFC 500 autopilot lets you take your hands off the controls and relax as the Blackwing cruises along at a comfortable cruising altitude of 9,500 ft.

The RS Flight Systems’ Single Lever Power Control (SLPC) is implemented, reducing pilot workload and allowing the Rotax 915 iS to run at peak performance.


We’ve taken a lot of effort to get the aircraft performing close to the real thing, throughout the entire envelope. The aircraft stalls at 38 kts, and has a Vne of 173 kts (although it is capable of, and has set world records at, higher speeds). BLACKWING Sweden AB helped us tune the aircraft, ensuring it matches its real-life counterpart as closely as possible.

The powerful Rotax 915iS delivers 141 horsepower, allowing the Blackwing to climb at 2,000 ft/min, and to hold multiple FAI world records for its class.

A five hour endurance combined with a 150 m (492 ft) take off distance, and 300 m (984 ft) landing distance allow you to fly over 500 NM to almost any airport.

Key Features

  • Stunning 3D model and textures based on real world CAD files
  • Capable avionics including the touch screen G3X, GMA 345, GNC 255 and GTX 345
  • GFC 500 autopilot
  • Accurate fuel and electric systems derived from real-world documentation including circuit breakers
  • Animated operable canopy
  • Retractable landing gear
  • 500 nautical mile range
  • 150 m take off distance, 300 m landing distance
  • Four real world liveries
  • Virtual Reality support
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