Cityscape Canberra

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The Meeting Place.

Cityscape Canberra, the capital of Australia, features about 180 square miles of 60cm photoreal completely annotated with the largest variety of trees and buildings. A project that has taken over 3 years, Maurizio Giorgi has been meticulous, annotating it tree by tree, building by building. The major POIs of the city have also been fully custom modelled, to add authenticity. The scenery is designed to blend seamlessly with the already famous and wonderful Hugh Johnston's YSCB airport scenery, but can also work standalone. Cityscape Canberra delivers to your simulation the highest level of realism, and for such a huge area is an astonishing feat! As you take to the air, and look around, there is the real Canberra below you. With its accurate night lighting, it is an impressive sight as you fly over the city at night. Cityscape Canberra is made with passion and precision, and is inspired by the natural beauty of the area.

Key Features

  • Ground imagery at 30/60cm/pixel
  • 300Km2 of photoreal terrain!
  • 5m DEM resolution mesh
  • Over 100 custom major POI models
  • Accurate residential areas
  • Accurate commercial areas
  • Works with or without FTX YSCB
  • Meticulously autogen annotated
  • Updated road traffic
  • Lake Burley Griffin & fountain
  • Over 3 years in the making!
  • By Maurizio Giorgi
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