CowanSim H125/AS350B3e

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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From the creator of helicopters for X-Plane, such as the 206B3, 206L3, 222B, 222UT, 500E and H125/AS350B3e, the CowanSim H125/AS350B3e is the third helicopter of the fleet to come to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Cowan Simulation strives for perfection and continuously updates their fleet using valuable feedback from pilots around the world. The H125, and subsequent releases, will continue to be developed using that valuable information. CowanSim's flight models are pilot tested, approved and developed with the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK. No external flight model/dynamics or programs are used to provide a seamless user experience.

Features: Free Future Updates Detailed Paint Kit Tested and Zeroed in by Real Pilots Realistic start up procedure Pilots & Passengers Floats/Blown Floats 100 Paint Jobs (liveries) Dynamic Weight Options Functional Spot Light Medical Version (HEMS) Utility Version Around the World Version Animated Cineflex Camera Wwsie Fully Dynamic Sound Pack Virtual Reality Ready Realistic Flight Dynamics 4K PBR Textures Custom 3D instruments Detailed Night Lighting Custom 3D instruments Detailed Night Lighting

There is a start up checklist located in the main folder to get you going from cold and dark start. You can also access options, like the passengers and more, from the weight and balance window. Some of the options are available with click spots or buttons, like the sling gear, door removal, GTN750/GNS430 swap on the panel etc..

Due to limitations of the sim right now (unfortunately still and issue!), you will have to use a mouse or VR controller for the throttle. Hardware bindings will be updated by Asobo and we will implement the code in an update after that. The H125 throttle is a bit different than the kind we are used. It’s on/off, idle/fly and more of a switch than an actual twist throttle. One click and you’re ready to fly. So that is a good thing, easy! This is version 1.0.1, so expect updates after feedback is received. We keep our products up to date, so you can count on us! Just remember it takes TIME!!!

Thank you for the support!

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