COWS DA42 Series

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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The Cows DA42 marks the debut of the ultimate multi-engine experience. Featuring an incredible flight model, bespoke complex digital systems, head-filling sounds, and a gorgeous visual model; the DA42 Series is meticulously tailored for students to practice critical procedures and maneuvers. For the casual simmer, it offers the pinnacle of cross-country flying with panoramic views and easy-to-fly dynamics.

This package includes both DA42-VI and DA42-TDI variants.

Visual Model:

The DA42 Series sets our benchmark of a high-fidelity visual model. Recreated through thousands of reference photos and scans from a local DA42, every bolt is accounted for during the production of the 3D and texturing. Combined with the power of MSFS’ rendering engine, the plane looks gorgeous at every angle.

  • Light-baked photorealistic reflections and ray-traced shadows & lighting textures
  • Faithful exterior model matched with hundreds of pictures at various angles
  • Intricate Interior model featuring moderate and heavy wear
  • The interior features two options of black panel/standard grey furnishings
  • Subtle and photorealistic photo-overlays for incredible lifelike textures
  • All placards sourced and positioned from Diamond maintenance manuals
  • Exterior features realistic moderate to heavy dirt/wear, matching reference DA42
  • Fibreglass scratching
  • TKS leaks

Flight Model:

Tried and tested directly by DA42 students and flight instructors, the flight model faithfully replicates the performance of the real aircraft in all stages of flight, including single-engine manoeuvres, and engine performance. You’ll feel like flying a real DA42 straight from the computer.

  • Accurate Performance and handling with over 1500 hours of testing from DA42 pilots, students, and instructors
  • Custom flight control animations showing respective trim forces and variable elevator backstop
  • Tiny bump when dropping the gear and deceleration on the touchdown
  • Airframe shake during ground power runs


Crafted for unparalleled immersion, the DA42 Series’ cockpit comes equipped with a suite of custom systems that covers all of the aircraft’s functions across the board - you’d feel right at home the moment you load the aircraft in the simulator.

  • Accurate electrical system with circuit breakers and custom alternator voltage simulation
  • Custom standby flight instrumentation
  • Deice system with weight and functional stall heat
  • Custom gear hydraulic system simulation with state saving and gravity emergency extension
  • Custom lighting that warms up and responds to system voltage
  • Custom Yaw damper and multiple fixes to native Asobo systems
  • Engine damage, state saving, and random failures (to come later)


The DA42 Series delivers a head-filling sonic experience to your ears. With audio sourced from various real-world training activities, hear the impressive dynamic sounds of the engine, wind, and ground roll commanding your attention. Then listen to the effect of the sounds based on propellor pitch, fuel flow, and speeds from the decisions you make in the cockpit.

  • Developed from the creator of sounds for FBW A32NX, FlightFX vision jet and other projects.
  • Sound simulation follows systems, e.g. hydraulic actuator
  • Dynamic engine, wind, and ground roll sounds
  • Engine sounds differ depending on prop pitch, fuel flow, and speed
  • Dynamic wind sounds, howling sounds in slips and drag noises with gear and flaps
  • Sounds sourced from first-party sources, local DA42
  • Headset simulation

Want to create your own custom livery? Download the official paint kit HERE

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