EGPB Sumburgh Airport

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Sensational Sumburgh!

Sumburgh Airport is the second project for Orbx from the creative duo Lars Pinkenburg and Martin Pahnev, also known as 29Palms. They set a whole new level of detail and realism with EGHI Southampton and have taken it further with Sumburgh. This is the first airport ever to come with the ability to switch between sloped and flat runways. It also features custom terrain and airport mesh as well as a large photoreal and realistic night lighting. Put this all together with highly detailed airport modelling and you have a stunning piece of work that completely engages you. EGPB is the main airport serving Shetland in Scotland and is located on the southern tip of the mainland. The airport features a helicopter runway and the western end of RWY09 crosses the main road between Sumburgh and the northern mainland, with access controlled in real life by a level crossing with barriers closing whenever a flight is taking off or landing. The first airport for FTX Scotland!

Key Features

  • Switch between sloped and flat runways!
  • Custom made 1 m terrain and airport mesh
  • Large 30 cm photoreal coverage
  • Includes the stunning "Fitful Head"
  • Fully custom modelled airport
  • Detailed models of surrounding landmarks
  • High Definition ground polygon
  • Complex car animations in 3D
  • Realistic rendition of light sources on all 3D objects
  • Uses most Orbx Flow technologies
  • Superb airport night lighting
  • Developed by Lars Pinkenburg and Martin Pahnev
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To download and install this product you will need FTX Central v3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above is required by FTX Central v3. Windows XP is not supported. FTX Central v3 is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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