EGTF Fairoaks Airport

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Dolly's Farm.

Fairoaks Airport is the first EU airport from the experienced developing partnership of Andreas Hegi and Heiko Glatthorn. Set in the beautiful English countryside of Surrey, Andreas and Heiko have captured the amazing surroundingd with on-site photography and excellent photoreal imagery. Every fine detail has been captured from the airport buildings to the McLaren Technology Centre, a stunning modern architectural building. They have also put to good use the fantastic Flow technology to further enhance the scenery and create that great immersion factor that they are renowned for. Oh, and in case you are wondering, Dolly's Farm is the piece of land upon which the airport was built back in 1931.

Key Features

  • Amazing 7 cm per pixel resolution for the airfield area
  • Countryside at 30 cm resolution
  • Realistic PAPI approach lights and runway end lights
  • Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography
  • Extensive control panel
  • Custom AI traffic
  • McLaren Technology Centre
  • Includes most Orbx Flow tech
  • 5 seasons colour matched
  • By Andreas Hegi and Heiko Glatthorn
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To download and install this product you will need FTX Central v3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above is required by FTX Central v3. Windows XP is not supported. FTX Central v3 is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

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