ENSD Sandane Airport

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Sandane Airport is the long-awaited follow-up for veteran airport Orbx developer Andreas Hegi. Andreas' previous airport contributions include such classics as Concrete Muni and Orcas Island and more recently, Welshpool and Fairoaks. Sandane also features photoreal imagery, mesh and autogen annotation by Turbulent Designs.

Sandane Airport is located at Anda in Gloppen, Norway. It is situated perpendicularly on a peninsula which cuts between Nordfjorden and Gloppefjorden. Both ends of the runway are close to sleep hillsides which dive into the fjords. Travel + Leisure included Sandane in its 2009 list of the world's seventeen scariest runways.

Key Features

  • Incredibly detailed, high-definition rendition of ENSD Sandane Airport
  • 30cm per pixel coverage
  • Includes Nordfjorden
  • Includes Gloppefjorden
  • Hundreds of on-site photographs
  • Hand placed autogen
  • Custom terrain mesh
  • Features Orbx Flow technology
  • By Andreas Hegi & Turbulent Designs

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