KDPA Chicago DuPage Airport

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Chicagoland’s DuPage Airport is 30 miles west of Chicago and within minutes of all of Chicago’s major commercial centers in the Western suburban areas. Home to the largest concentration of corporate aircraft in Illinois, DuPage Airport offers 2,800 acres of property with over 30 businesses, including the internationally recognized DuPage Flight Center.

KDPA is the only general aviation airport in Illinois with four active runways, two ILS approaches, and a 24-hour FAA Air Control Tower. DuPage Airport has a 7,570-foot runway, an on-site U.S. Customs office, and the largest operational maintenance staff of any general aviation airport in Illinois.


  • 2800 Acres
  • Elev 759
  • Several aviation-related service partners including The Illinois Aviation Academy, Travel Express Aviation, Planemasters, Avel Flight School, and the ATP Flight School.
  • DuPage Airport has four runways. The longest, and the reason for its status as a reliever airport, is runway 2L/20R, a Group IV-compliant concrete runway at 7,571 ft × 150 ft (2,308 m × 46 m). Its slightly smaller partner, 2R/20L, is another concrete runway with dimensions of 6,451 ft × 100 ft (1,966 m × 30 m). Two asphalt general aviation runways complete the arrangement: runway 10/28 at 4,750 ft × 75 ft (1,448 m × 23 m) and 15/33 at 3,399 ft × 100 ft (1,036 m × 30 m).

Key Features

  • Built-in coordination with the DuPage Airport Authority
  • On-site photography of all major facilities
  • Reworked taxiways and signage
  • High-res photographic textures
  • Custom ground plane
  • Custom rotating radar facility
  • Manual unwrapping of all UVW maps
  • Custom emissive night-lighting textures
  • Bespoke details and highlights
  • Accurate landscaping
  • Natural, undulating runways
  • Interior modeling of key structures
  • In-hangar parking spaces to add realism
  • Interior modeled hangars
  • Hand crafted commercial signage around airport
  • Static GA and Corporate aircraft
  • Reworked landscaping
  • Ambient lighting improvements
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