Global Iceland Demo

for FSX & Prepar3D

FTX Global Iceland Demo Experience for yourself how adding FTX Global, Vector and openLC completely upgrades your sim. Orbx gives you an entire country to explore at your leisure without any gimmicks, timeouts or obligation to purchase. We've also added a photoreal cityscape area to Reykjavik so enjoy some wonderful approaches into the city. Be sure to fly at dusk or night and experience the amazing FTX Global 3D lighting system which has no impact on FPS at all.

If you like what you see, then that's what the FTX Global family does for the entire planet. Upgrade your sim.




User Guide



You will need Orbx Central to download and install this product. Orbx Central runs on Windows 7+, macOS and Linux. An internet connection is also required.

Supported Simulators

This product is compatible with the following simulators:

Prerequisite Products

You require at least one of the following products to use Global Iceland Demo.

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  • FSX
  • P3DV1
  • P3DV2
  • P3DV3
  • P3DV4