KBVS Skagit Regional Airport

The bush flyer's hub.

With Orcas to the north, Anacortes to the west, and eastward down the Skagit Valley to Concrete and Darrington. Hugh Johnston's Skagit Regional truly is the center of the bush flyer zone near Seattle, and what an FBO to call home! With beautifully accurate modeling Hugh has become known for following his Cessnock and Canberra airports Downunder, his debut for PNW is a true gem! Featuring exquisite details around the airport including custom modeled vehicles, tractors, refueling stations and much more, the scenery also offers a massive, tightly annotated, fully seasonal photoreal area which encompasses the mudflats to the west, tulip farms nearby, a freeway overpass and seamless integration with Jarrad Marshall's 74S Anacortes. Fly the hub of PNW now!

Key Features

  • 115sq km of annotated scenery!
  • Samish and Pandilla Bay mudflats
  • Fully seasoned trees and plants
  • TextureFlow for great performance
  • PeopleFlow animated characters
  • NatureFlow animated trees
  • Custom made ground polygon
  • Bonus WN51 Bayview Farm Airstrip
  • Seamlessly joins 74S Anacortes
  • High level of object detail!
  • 5 seasons color matched imagery
  • Developed by Hugh Johnston
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