KCMW Cushman Meadows Airport

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There are few places on Earth more breathtaking than the Olympic Peninsula, the finger of land that separates Washington's Puget Sound from the Pacific. It’s home to the towering Olympic mountain range, some of the planet’s only temperate rain forests, and vast swaths of wilderness. Though a short flight from the heavily populated Seattle area, nature still reigns supreme here -- and what better way to see it than by air? The tiny Cushman Meadows Airport is a perfect gateway to the wild wonders of the region. Situated on the shores of Lake Cushman, KCMW offers not only a paved runway for wheels, but a safe harbor for float pilots as well. Come in for a landing, tie up at the docks, or park your ride under one of the rustic covered shelters. Down by the lakeside, there’s a lodge with A-frame cabins for the overnighters, and the airport sports a clubhouse diner with one of the best hundred-dollar burgers this side of the Rockies. Come pay us a visit -- it's not fancy, but we guarantee you'll feel right at home.

Please note that this is a fictional airport.

Key Features

  • Ground imagery 25/60cm per pixel
  • Fully modeled airport, docks
  • Poly runway, aprons and lights
  • Spectacularly setting
  • Includes a huge photoreal area
  • Accurate water masking of shores
  • New vegetation and grasslands
  • TextureFlow optimised = great FPS
  • Custom GA AI Traffic movements
  • Autogen annotation by Tim Harris
  • Includes PeopleFlow animations
  • Another Bill Womack masterpiece!
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