LWSK Skopje International Airport

for Prepar3D v4+

Welcome to Skopje International Airport for Prepar3D, the first airport from Orbx developer Teo Gerovski! Located in the fields just outside the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje is the gateway to the country and serves over 2 million international passengers per year, flying to a multitude of destinations around Europe and to the Middle East. Only a short flight away from other Orbx destinations such as Dubrovnik, Belgrade and Pula, Skopje is the perfect addition to your Balkan airports collection.

With super accurate modelling of all airport buildings from on-site photography, and a detailed coverage area that extends far beyond the airport boundary, great care has been taken to make Skopje International Airport as immersive as possible for all your airliner operations. Add it to your Prepar3D collection today!

Key Features

  • Complete HD rendition of Skopje International Airport
  • Animated SODE Jetways
  • Extended PR coverage area at 50cm resolution
  • Detailed POI modelling
  • Complete 5 seasonal variants
  • Extended LC coverage area far beyond primary zone
  • Major airline hub suitable for all airliner operations
  • Expertly optimized for best performance
  • Designed to blend seamlessly with Orbx Global Base
  • Developed by Skopje local Teo Gerovski

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You will need Orbx Central to download and install this product. Orbx Central runs on Windows 7+, macOS and Linux. An internet connection is also required.

The download size of this product is 862.82 MB. It uses 1.83 GB when installed.

Supported Simulators

This product is compatible with the following simulators:

  • Prepar3D v4
  • Prepar3D v5

Supported Operating Systems

This product is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows