LFOJ Skydesigners - French Airbase 123 Orleans Bricy

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Made with the utmost precision for MSFS 2020, our scenery from Airbase 123 Orleans Bricy features the following:

  • Static aircraft (C160 Transall NG, Mirage 2000B, C130 Hercules, Airbus A400M, DH-6 Twin Otter with real machine numbers and registration, textured in photo-realistic by the squadrons present on the base)
  • Maintenance Zones and Hangars, as closely as possible representing the base in 2010.
  • Vegetation biomes are suitable for actual vegetation.
  • Specific service vehicles, and ground crew.
  • Photo-realistic textured buildings with night textures,
  • Representation of the different areas of the base: Living area / Squadron area, ESTA hangars, CIET, as well as Airbus Training Center. Experience the base as if you were there!
  • Modeling of Military installations and their dedicated Transport squadrons (Bearn, Anjou, and Poitou Squadrons)
  • Hundreds of objects make the scene even more immersive (Radars, ground maintenance personnel, surveillance vehicles)
  • Optimized for minimum use of system resources
  • Included MIAC charts (aerodrome and approach charts for the corresponding period)

Don't wait any longer and start your mission as a Tactical Transport Pilot on Airbase 123!

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