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A UK Carrier Strike Group is a collection of naval assets from the United Kingdom, led by a Queen Elizabeth-Class aircraft carrier, that are organized and deployed with the goal of conducting a wide range of military operations at sea, including power projection, strike warfare, and maritime security operations.

A Carrier Strike Group from the United Kingdom typically consists of a Queen Elizabeth-Class Aircraft Carrier, two Type 23 Frigates and two Type 45 Destroyers, along with a fleet of F-35Bs Fighters, Wildcats, Chinooks and Merlin helicopters.


  • Start your flights at the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth or HMS Prince of Wales at any of the 10 locations around the globe (Static)
  • NEW: 7 Moving carrier locations included (Not spawnable – identifiable with a POI Point (landmark) on the world map, which will spawn your aircraft in the air 0.5 Miles away from the carrier)
  • Takeoff from the aircraft carrier deck using the famous Ski-Jump ramp
  • All Type 23 Frigates and Type 45 Destroyers feature hard decks for helicopter flights.
  • Fully Compatible with our other Carrier products (USS George Bush, Amphibious Ready Group)
  • Static locations are fully compatible with MSFS Multiplayer. Moving locations not compatible (See notes below)
  • Fully compatible with any aircraft, default or third party.
  • Ultra-detailed Ships
  • Ultra-detailed static aircraft on deck

Included Vessels:

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) – Spawnable (Static) and Moving
  • HMS Prince of Wales (R09) – Spawnable (Static) and Moving
  • Type 23 Frigates (Hard Deck)
  • Type 45 Destroyers (Hard Deck)

STATIC SHIPS Locations: All static locations are spawnable from the Runway (ready to fly) or Parking Spot 0 (Cold&Dark)

  • R081 Portsmouth (R08)
  • R082 Halifax (R08)
  • R083 New York (R08)
  • R084 Cyprus (R08)
  • R085 North Sea (R08)
  • R091 Northern Scotland (R09)
  • R092 Gibraltar (R09)
  • R093 Brunei (R09)
  • R094 East Africa (by Kenya) (R09)
  • R095 Caribbean (by the Virgin Islands) (R09)

MOVING SHIPS Locations: Moving ships are not spawnable on the carrier deck. The aircraft will spawn 0.5 Nautical Miles away from the carrier. Locations are not identifiable by ICAO codes, but instead are shown on the World Map as POI Landmarks.

  • Irish Sea (R08)
  • Scotland (R08)
  • Falkland Islands (R08)
  • Australia (R08)
  • Baltic Sea (R09)
  • Mediterranean Sea (R09)
  • USA Pacific Coast (R09)

Additionally, we will add any location upon request. Please contact us at [email protected] to get a custom location placed.


  • Installing the freeware "Top Gun Expansion Pack" from the MSFS Marketplace is required
  • It is required to turn off Crash Detection to use this Addon
  • When taxiing the Osprey on the deck, use the "Assisted Taxiing" tool, available in the InGame Panel.
  • Stuttering on moving carriers is a know MSFS bug, a temporary fix is available here
  • Carrier Unicom Frequency: 120.00, Carrier TACAN Frequency: 108.40 (21X)
  • Carriers do not feature ILS
  • Moving ships are not spawnable on the carrier deck. The aircraft will spawn 0.5 Nautical Miles away from the carrier. Locations are not identifiable by ICAO codes, but instead are shown on the World Map as POI Landmarks.
  • To easily find a moving carrier when flying, turn on POIs on your Sim assistance settings.
  • Pause does not work on the deck of a moving ship. Do not pause the Sim while on the deck.

Disclaimer: Although this product resembles its real-world counterparts in many aspects, the product does not accurately represent (nor intends to accurately represent) the real ships design, features, systems or missions. It is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and shall not be used for real aircraft training or any other professional application. This product is not endorsed, supported by, related to, certified by or in any way connected to the Royal Navy, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin or any other manufacturer or operator.

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