//42 Cabri G2 Color Pack

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Your purchase includes 12 liveries for the Asobo / Guimbal Cabri G2. 10 Colors, 1 Designer, and 1 Branded.

Our goal at Parallel 42 is to deliver simplicity plus variety.

We'll be striking in 3 categories with our packs.

Color: Solid color pallets. Minimalism is gorgeous where applicable!
Designer: Swooshes, swirls, stripes & more. Private owned/executive styles.
Brand: When appropriate, we may sprinkle in key non-fictional operators.

Cabri G2 Color Pack

Our livery packs are not created by casual enthusiasts but by a team comprised of a seasoned painter and designer when applicable. Expect gorgeous color palettes and sharp designs! For this first pack, we partnered with a long-time friend & contributor at Parallel 42, Rockview. Rock is an established painter with hundreds of high-quality liveries under his belt. Buying this pack helps support artists!



  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Navy
  • Maroon


  • Silver / Blue Tribal


  • Matte Black "//42" Executive
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Supported Simulators

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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator

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  • Windows