W24 Falwell Airport

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Located near the intersection of Campbell Avenue and Richmond Highway, roughly 9 km NE of Lynchburg Regional Airport (KLYH) in Virginia, USA, and 4 km from Lynchburg´s famous downtown Diamond Hill Historic District, Falwell Airport is a privately owned General Aviation (GA) airport.

The airport itself might not normally be on the radar of a GA pilot if it weren´t for its incredible ski-slope type runway.

The extremely unusual runway profile makes W24 a very popular GA destination. Area topography shows a 50 m drop from the RWY 10 threshold towards the East and a very pronounced incline when viewed from RWY 28. Due to this ski-slope runway profile, take-off is restricted to the downward sloping RWY 10, while the uphill graded RWY 28 is used for landing.

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