NA Pacific Northwest Ferries

for Prepar3D v4

Have you ever wanted to ride one of the classic Washington State Ferries? Now you can --- with Orbx Bob that is. Or you can watch the BC Ferries come and go at Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen. Pacific Northwest Ferries greatly improves the default AI ship and ferry traffic in Puget Sound and Southern British Columbia with authentic models and giving them realistic places to dock.

Key Features

  • Many new terminals have been added in Puget Sound
  • All the large terminal models have been rebuilt and new ones added.
  • Port Townsend mini Townscape
  • Lighthouses are based on authentic models with custom light effects.
  • All terminals integrate with the Orbx airports and seaplane bases
  • 47 terminal areas plus other features of interest.



User Guide



You will need Orbx Central to download and install this product. Orbx Central runs on Windows 7+, macOS and Linux. An internet connection is also required.

The download size of this product is 2.24 GB. It uses 1.33 GB when installed.

Supported Simulators

This product is compatible with the following simulators:

  • Prepar3D v4
  • Prepar3D v5

Supported Operating Systems

This product is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows

Prerequisite Products

You require at least one of the following products to use NA Pacific Northwest Ferries.

NA Pacific Northwest
$49.99 AUD The Home of Bush Flying
  • FSX
  • P3DV1
  • P3DV2
  • P3DV3
  • P3DV4
  • P3DV5