TF-104 G Starfighter

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Highly detailed model, fully animated, both front and rear cockpit Highly detailed 3D cockpit, fully animated and working Complete 3D-lights systems both internal and external


Multinational liveries A complete paintkit will soon be available for painters (upon request)


Almost all real systems have been modelled and working as the real thing Flight dynamics modelled 99% close to the real aircraft; fully tested and validated by qualified real-world F-104 pilot Fully functional and close to real NASARR R-15, A/G and A/A mode with: - STT (Single track target) - LOCK-ON - ATTACK - GROUND MAP PENCIL - GROUND MAP SPOILER - CONTOUR MAP - TERRAIN AVOIDANCE Aerodynamic pitch up, inertia coupling and BLC system reproduced Payload drop actually changes aircraft weight, balance and drag as well Inertial navigator Litton LN-3 fully implemented


The SSW F/RF-104G uses the Dynamic Drag Index concept; i.e. when you load/drop external loads not only is the GW changed but also the drag coefficient is affected and the model aerodynamics change accordingly. This is particularly important in the F-104 where external loads affect greatly the dynamic behaviour of the model.


A custom sound set has been developed from scratch, using live recording to give you a full immersion into the Zipper environment. If you are a Zipper fan,you will enjoy staying outside and 'playing' with the throttle, listening to it's unique voice.

MINIMAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS Windows 10 or later (suggested version 21H or later) Microsoft Simulator 2020 version or later CPU Intel5 at 3ghz RAM 16 GB 4 GB available on Community folder VGA card nvidia 1060 or nvidia-like

SUGGESTED SYSTEM CPU Intel 7 ad 4Ghz or higher RAM 32 GB 4 GB available on Community folder VGA card nvidia 3080 or nvidia-like


The model comes with complete docs including: Three pilot checklists (normal, emergency,weapon procedures) Zipper hints (a doc that help the pilot to use it effectively) NASAR R15A simple user guide Original 700-page Flight Manual in PDF format User support help desk at [email protected]

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