PC-12 Legacy

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Aiming to be the most detailed simulation of the fabled PC-12 to date, the SWS team have put together their most advanced turboprop aircraft yet. Featuring a highly detailed model, authentic sounds, custom avionics and smooth handling, this is the aircraft to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator!


Powered by a 1200hp engine and a 4 or 5-bladed propeller, the PC-12 can easily operate out of short, unprepared strips as well as paved runways, while Its superb engineering ensures a smooth flight even in adverse weather conditions. Versatile by design, the PC-12 can be configured for use an executive transport, commuter, cargo carrier or even air ambulance.

Developed with the help of Pilatus Aircraft and Fly7 Executive Aviation, the SWS PC-12/47 aspires to be our best and most varied turboprop rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date!


  • The SWS PC-12 utilizes the best techniques available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, delivering exceptional detail while retaining good performance.

High quality model of the aircraft’s exterior with many custom animations:

  • 4 and 5-bladed propeller
  • Trailing link landing gear
  • Nose wheel steering with free castering
  • Engine bypass flap and springs (connecting to landing gear)
  • Custom flap and actuator animations
  • Trim tabs
  • Animated de-icing boots
  • Prop beta/reverse
  • Propeller vortices
  • Preflight: engine cowling, fuel filter compartment, tail compartment
  • Horizontal stabilator trim
  • Covers with strips reacting to wind speed, direction and inclined parking

High quality cockpit interior modelling using detail textures to retain detail while reducing texture size. Numerous custom animations, including:

  • Stick shaker & pusher
  • Sun visors
  • Sun shade
  • Gust lock
  • Armrests
  • Movable lights and AC vents
  • Three different cabin configurations with -again- many custom animations:
  • Exits
  • Window shades
  • Tray tables (executive cabin)
  • Seat armrests and tilting
  • Toilet door, light, flushing (executive cabin)
  • Drawers -gravity affected (executive cabin)
  • Passengers & luggage (executive and commuter cabin)
  • Cargo crates (cargo cabin)
  • Operator-specific items
  • Custom liveries from the fleets of Fly7 and Tradewind, including authentic interiors Two custom, SWS-created liveries White livery for repainters


  • Realistic flight model created by the developers after experiencing the real aircraft and training in the PC-12 simulators.
  • Verified with the help of real PC-12 pilots in the testing team.
  • Realistic engine: performance, beta, ITT and other parameters were created as closely as MSFS allows.


Many custom systems were created to ensure an authentic experience, while also featuring the first fully custom avionics created by our team. Some of the custom systems modelled:

  • EFIS50
  • Engine Instrument System
  • Thommen DC20 Chronometer
  • Aileron-rudder interconnect
  • Custom yaw damper
  • Stick shaker & pusher
  • Environmental Control System
  • Cabin Pressure Control System
  • Compatibility with PMS50 and TDS GTN
  • Full interior and exterior lighting


The SWS PC-12 comes with a rich soundset, containing more than 2800 authentic sounds recorded from multiple real aircraft! The sounds feature:

  • Different sounds for 4 and 5-bladed propellers
  • Authentic engine sounds
  • Gear & flap actuators
  • Aural warnings and avionic sounds
  • Audible switches, levers, doors, windows - if it moves, it can be heard!
  • Many ambient sounds


  • PDF manual included in add-on folder and as separate download


The panel mods will allow you to make the SWS PC-12 compatible with 3rd party GPS and tablets. To install, open the folder of the mod you wish to install (i.e. GNS+Sky4Sim) and copy its contents into the MSFS Community folder. Replace when asked. To revert to the default installation of the PC-12 you must do a full re-install of the aircraft.

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