SoFly Skopje Airfield Collection

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Introducing the Skopje Airfield Collection (Trio Pack) – an authentic and immersive simulation experience that brings three of Macedonia's most iconic airfields directly to your fingertips.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each of the three included airfields – LW75 Stenkovec, LW67 Kumanovo, and LW74 Bitola Logovardi – has been faithfully recreated using on-site photography and 4K resolution texturing throughout. From the meticulously designed custom-made 3D objects to the animated hangar complete with a controllable door, every aspect of these airfields has been thoughtfully crafted to provide a true-to-life aviation experience.

Designed by the esteemed developer Teo Gerovski, this collection offers a unique opportunity to explore Macedonia from a different perspective. Whether you're flying solo or with friends, these airfields offer endless opportunities for discovery and exploration. Keep an eye out for hidden Easter Eggs scattered throughout, adding an extra layer of excitement to your flying adventures.

Ideal for general aviation enthusiasts, the "Skopje Airfields Collection" provides exceptional value by offering three distinct airfields in a single package. Take to the skies and discover the beauty of Macedonia in an all-new way today.

Key Features

  • Three airfields in a single package: LW75 Stenkovec; LW67 Kumanovo; LW74 Bitola
  • Logovardi
  • On-site photography used to recreate the airfields to the highest standard
  • 4K resolution texturing throughout
  • Custom-made 3D objects, which bring life to each airfield
  • Animated hangar with controllable door
  • Created and designed by renowned developer Teo Gerovski
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