YCDR Caloundra Airport

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Soak in the Sunshine Coast!

Caloundra lies at the southern end of the glorious Queensland Sunshine Coast and offers a wondrous playground of waterways, golden beaches, stylish beachfront and luxury apartment living, and plenty to explore inland at the nearby Glasshouse Mountains. The debut airport for Orbx from John Hockings (or "Prof" to his friends), his local knowledge of the area and his decades of being an architect lend themselves to a stunningly accurate rendition of this busy GA airport and surrounds. Included are the air museum which features some old and not-so-old aircraft lovingly restored and open to the public. The scenery includes a huge area of pristine 60cm photoreal imagery, meticulously modeled apartment buildings and plenty of atmosphere!

Key Features

  • Ground imagery 15/60cm per pixel
  • 120Km2 of photoreal terrain
  • High def unique static aircraft
  • Major township buildings modeled
  • Waterways, beaches and resorts
  • Features historic air museum
  • TextureFlow optimised = great FPS
  • Photos taken onsite by Orbx staff
  • Full suite of Flow technology used
  • Includes PeopleFlow animations
  • Atmospheric night lighting
  • Advanced ambient occlusion
  • Master autogen annotation
  • Full GA AI traffic included
  • Weather fx on runway and aprons
  • Full Audio Sound Pack
  • Volumetric grass
  • By John Hocking and John Venema

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