YPEC Aeropelican (Belmont) Airport

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Aeropelican, the pilot's paradise!

The sister airport to YWVA Warnervale, Aeropelican is made by the same team of Andreas Hegi and John Venema and perfectly times the re-opening of YPEC in June 2009. This is a large scenery area, covering well over 100 km in superb licensed 60cm, 30cm and 15cm imagery with precision modelling you've come to expect from Andreas and includes a major power station, the now disused YCOB airfield, a major stretch of beautiful coastlines, Milano's marina and restaurant and many more 'little' details which Andreas and Orbx are famous for. With loads of atmosphere, a challenging landing on the small strip, and plenty to see, you will love YPEC!

Key Features

  • Airport imagery in 15 cm/pixel
  • 100Km2 of photoreal terrain
  • Photos taken onsite by Orbx staff
  • Advanced rendering and lighting
  • Setting by lakes and the ocean
  • Full GA AI traffic included
  • Entire coastal townships included
  • Includes power stations and YCOB
  • Close to three other Orbx airports
  • Stunning shallow water imagery
  • Every tree and house annotated
  • Includes PeopleFlow animations
  • Atmospheric night lighting
  • Includes a full Audio Sound Pack
  • By Andreas Hegi and John Venema
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