YSCH Coffs Harbour Airport

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Coffs Harbour is a beautiful coastal city on the northern New South Wales coast, with a major regional airport nestled beside the beach, and the picturesque township, harbour and marina surrounded by beautiful ranges and rural pastures. The Orbx rendition of YSCH has been made using 22 cm per pixel aerial photos taken in 2008 and licensed from Coffs Harbour City Council to product a regional airport with superb ground clarity. Additionally, lead developer John Ross has paid many visits to the airport to take photos of all the buildings, terminals and hangars within the airport precinct. The result is truly a stunning airport which is as real as being there! This latest version 1.5 release includes amazing PeopleFlow animated ground staff, baggage loading, passengers and many other enhancements!

Key Features

  • Ground imagery 30cm per pixel
  • 50Km2 of photoreal terrain
  • Photos taken onsite by Orbx staff
  • HD textures on airport buildings
  • Gmax poly runway, aprons & lights
  • Advanced rendering and lighting
  • Coffs Harbour city centre
  • High def unique static aircraft
  • Super accurate ground markings
  • Includes PeopleFlow animations
  • Full 5 seasons ground imagery
  • Atmospheric 3D night lighting
  • Marina, schools and beaches
  • Virgin B737 baggage loading
  • By John Ross and John Venema

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