EDWS Norden-Norddeich Airfield

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The special airfield of Norden-Norddeich with its ICAO registry EDWS is located on the northernmost stretch of the mainland of the Landkreis Aurich, northern Germany. Norden-Norddeich provides an important access point to the East Frisian Islands and is home to the HTM company, responsible for transporting personnel and materials to offshore wind farms like Alpha Ventus.

In the future, the aerial rescue organization NHC Northern Helicopter will also use Norden-Norddeich as its base of operations for transporting injured personnel from the wind farms to mainland hospitals in the area. The airfield is operated by the FLN FRISIA (“Inselflieger”), transporting tourists and island workers to the East Frisian Islands (and Heligoland in the summer) on scheduled flights, using multiple Britten-Norman BN-2 Islanders.

It features a 720-meter-long and 20-meter-wide asphalt runway – unusually oriented north to south and therefore often requiring spectacular landing maneuvers due to crosswinds.

Key Features

  • Hangar doors of the HTM-Hangars open and close at predefined times
  • The H145 (Static Helicopter) will be towed out of the hangar with a tow vehicle to the apron at 7 am and will be towed back into the hangar at 6 pm
  • Animated Cars drive on the Street Westerlooger Strohweg, which is parallel east of the airfield. One Car drives to the car park of the airfield and also drives threw an animated gate
  • The FLN Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander will be towed out of the FLN-Hangar to the apron at 9 am and will be pushed into the hangar at 6 pm
  • Animated Clocks are located in the HTM-Hangar and in the Terminal
  • There are trees at the holding point of RWY 34 which change with the seasons
  • The Persons at the Terminal are depending on daytime and weekdays. They will change the locations to have a more living airfield feeling
  • The animated sliding doors of the entrance of the terminal and all TVs/PCs will close and shut down at 9 pm
  • The Weather Station at the HTM-Hangar and Tower will change with wind direction and speed
  • A tow vehicle will drive on the apron between 7 am and 4 pm
  • Dynamic Lights on all buildings are timed. At night, the terminal lights will be shut off (HTM-Hangar lights at 10 pm and FLN-Hangar at 9 pm)
  • Smoke Detectors in the Tower and Terminal will blink green, like in real life
  • The Gate to the Apron at the main entrance will open and close at predefined time intervals
  • The furniture of the terrace at the Club-House has different constellations and will change at the weekend
  • The Webcam at the Tower-Railing is animated and turns 180°
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