IDA Not So Deadly 3 - Cabin Creek, Wilson Bar and Marble Creek Airstrips

for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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From the Developer that bought you "The Deadly 3", Milo Taylor, "Not So Deadly 3" brings you another set of Backcountry airstrips to tackle. Cabin Creek, Wilson Bar, and Marble Creek all still have their challenges, so don't let the title fool you. This time around, each airstrip location has extra sand bars to push your STOL skills to the limit. You will be tested and aircraft choice is critical.

Idaho's "Not So Deadly 3" is designed with many hours of fun to be had and goes hand in hand with all our Orbx Idaho Products, which includes KMYL McCall Municipal Airport, 85U Soldier Bar, and the most recent "The Deadly 3". This huge backcountry playground is home to other 3rd party developer products and works great with //42 Campout Utility.

Idaho's Not So Deadly 3 caters to a diversity of bush pilots with its longer airstrips and challenging sand bars. Idaho, A fun-filled playground that just keeps on growing.

Key Features

  • I08 Cabin Creek USFS - 1750 ft slight uphill, one way in.
  • C48 Wilson Bar USFS - 1500ft uphill, dogleg on final, one way in.
  • ID8 Marble Creek - 1160ft tight valley approach. Landable in both directions.
  • Cabin Creek STOL Sand Bars - Located directly south of Cabin Creek on Big Creek.
  • 3 landing spots, with different degrees of difficulty.
  • Wilson Bar and Marble Creek also have extra STOL areas as well.
  • Many new animated animals and birds, plus already seen wildlife in the "Deadly 3".
  • As usual, make sure your approach is clear.
  • Extensive Vegetation library for immersion. Many new bushes, grass, trees, rocks, logs and flowers.
  • All new effects - smoke, fire, and rapids/water spray.
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