Orbx Products in Microsoft Flight Simulator

We're pleased to present our products for Microsoft's innovative new simulator.

//42 FreedomFox & Fox2

Experience Trent Palmer's #FreedomFox, a customizable variant we like to call "Fox2" with 4 engine variants, and free mods including scenes!

$43.00 AUD

//42 The Skypark

Flight simulation can be pretty dull without a feeling of purpose. As a contract pilot on The Skypark, you can choose worldwide adventure or chase financial success.

$43.00 AUD

1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport

Explore the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

$18.84 AUD

1WA6 Fall City Airport

Another Russ White classic comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$7.24 AUD

3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport

Gateway to the North Cascades.

$18.84 AUD

A320 Liveries Pack (Australia)

A set of Australian liveries for the A320 Neo.

$0.00 AUD

A32NX Liveries Pack (Australia)

A set of Australian liveries for the A32NX.

$0.00 AUD

Adventum Tours Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to Hawaii!

$12.95 AUD

Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140

The 140 stands out from other Cessnas with its unique "art deco", automotive style instrument panels.

$28.99 AUD

Aeroplane Heaven Electra 10-A

Another twin-engined classic and an American legend.

$45.00 AUD

Aeroplane Heaven Grumman F3F-2

The Grumman F3F was a biplane fighter aircraft produced by the Grumman aircraft for the United States Navy during the mid-1930s.

$39.99 AUD

Aeroplane Heaven Mk1A Supermarine Spitfire

So strap on your Sutton harness and "let’s get one up!"

$45.00 AUD

Aeroplane Heaven P-51 Mustang

The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang is an American long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber used during World War II and the Korean War, among other conflicts.

$49.99 AUD

Aerosoft CRJ 550/700

Pilots like to fly them because they are powerful, agile, and a joy to fly manually.

$65.99 AUD

Aerosoft CRJ 550/700/900/1000

Originally developed to replace the more uncomfortable and noisier turboprop range in this class, the beautiful, sleek CRJ airliners were of particular interest to airlines wanting to offer jet feeling on short routes.

$91.99 AUD

Aerosoft East Frisian Islands

Discover the East Frisian North Sea islands now also in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$34.00 AUD

Aerosoft Simple Traffic

Simple Traffic includes liveries for over 175 real-world airlines, and new airline liveries are being added all the time.

$19.49 AUD

Aerosoft Twin Otter

The DHC-6 Twin Otter is the ultimate go-anywhere aircraft. It was built to reliably and safely go where other aircraft don't stand a chance.

$47.99 AUD

AlroCreation Lighthouses

A collection of interesting locations for Microsoft Flight Simulator featuring helipads.

$0.00 AUD

Antarctica Vol. 1 - British Rothera and Beyond

A showcase scenery created by developers with more than 20 years of experience in MSFS development!

$19.99 AUD

AS Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh

The next instalment of our successful Microsoft Flight Simulator mesh product line - Himalaya Mesh.

$14.49 AUD

ASF Humanitarian Wings

Join the team at Aviation Sans Frontieres and embark upon a medical rescue mission in central Africa

$23.99 AUD

ASF Humanitarian Wings (Kodiak)

Join the team at Aviation Sans Frontieres and embark upon a medical rescue mission in central Africa.

$23.99 AUD

ASF Humanitarian Wings Demo

$0.00 AUD

B787 Liveries Pack (Asia Pacific)

A set of Asia Pacific liveries for the B787.

$0.00 AUD

BIKF Keflavik Airport

Keflavik Airport comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

$19.95 AUD

Brisbane River Run

Fancy a fun challenge?

$0.00 AUD

CAK3 Delta Heritage Airpark

Experience the wonderful lower Vancouver mainland and the Pacific Northwest in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

$13.00 AUD

CH701 Zenith STOL

The Zenith CH701 STOL comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator, featuring outstanding STOL performance, great visuals, scenic locations and a bush trip, providing you with the full bush pilot experience!

$42.49 AUD

Cityscape Sydney

Fly Down Under

$21.74 AUD

CRJ700 Liveries Pack (Australia)

A set of Australian liveries for the CRJ700.

$0.00 AUD

CYAZ Tofino/Long Beach Airport

Fly through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and experience the vast ocean views and stunning coastline Tofino/Longbeach has to offer.

$14.00 AUD

CYBD Bella Coola Airport

Bella Coola is a true jewel of the Pacific Fjords!

$18.84 AUD

CYHZ Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Best Little Big city in Canada

$28.50 AUD

CYLW Kelowna International Airport

$20.50 AUD

CYTZ Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

$22.50 AUD

CYVR Vancouver International Airport

Visit Vancouver!

$26.50 AUD

CYXU London International Airport

FSimStudios London International Airport now for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$27.00 AUD

CYYZ Toronto Pearson International

$24.99 AUD

Drzewiecki Design Warsaw Airfields

A free package of non-paved airfields located around Warsaw.

$0.00 AUD

EA-7 Edgley Optica

The sense of freedom with the cockpit views is second to none and an aircraft you should have in your hangar for exploring the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$14.49 AUD

Easter Hunt 2022

$0.00 AUD

EBBR Brussels Airport

$32.00 AUD

EDDB Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Being in the center of Europe, BER offers you innumerable opportunities for your occasional after-work flight.

$27.00 AUD

EDDH Hamburg Airport

$28.83 AUD

EDDK Cologne Bonn Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport is one of Germany's few airports operating 24-hours a day.

$24.00 AUD

EDDM Munich Airport

Highly detailed scenery of Munich Airport

$34.00 AUD

EDDN Nuremberg Airport

$28.83 AUD

EDDP Leipzig/Halle Airport

$24.00 AUD

EDDS Stuttgart Airport

$28.80 AUD

EDDT Berlin-Tegel Airport

$30.95 AUD

EDQD Bayreuth Airport

$20.73 AUD

EDWE Emden Airport

$15.99 AUD

EDWE Emden Airport

$14.36 AUD

EDWR Borkum Airfield

$13.34 AUD

EFHK Helsinki Airport

The Finnish Capital awaits you.

$22.95 AUD

EFIV Ivalo Airport

$20.73 AUD

EFRO Rovaniemi Airport

Welcome to Rovaniemi, the official airport of Santa Claus!

$19.95 AUD

EGCK Caernarfon Airport

Located in an idyllic rural location on the west coast of Wales, EGCK Caernarfon is an ideal base for exploring the North Wales coast and the stunning Snowdonia National Park.

$18.84 AUD

EGGD Bristol International Airport

One of the busiest airports in the Southwest of the UK, this ultra-realistic version of Bristol is brought to you by Pilot Plus.

$25.99 AUD

EGGP Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport is an international airport located in the U.K. on the banks of the River Mersey, and mainly serves the city of Liverpool and its surrounding communities.

$24.00 AUD

EGHI Southampton Airport

Finally, the iconic Southampton Airport is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

$18.84 AUD

EGHP Popham Airfield

$23.95 AUD

EGKA Shoreham (Brighton) Airport

This historical British airport is the perfect gateway to the south coast of England.

$20.29 AUD

EGKH Headcorn Aerodrome

$23.95 AUD

EGLA Bodmin Airfield

$19.50 AUD

EGLC London City Airport

Fly to the heart of London.

$21.74 AUD

EGLD Denham Aerodrome

$23.95 AUD

EGLF Farnborough Airport

$36.95 AUD

EGLM White Waltham Airfield

$23.95 AUD

EGMC London Southend Airport

London Southend, located in Essex, is a popular airport serving the south of England. We are excited for you to immerse yourself in one of the United Kingdom’s busiest and most varied aviation hubs.

$25.99 AUD

EGMD Lydd International Airport

$23.95 AUD

EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport

Welcome to Yorkshire's Airport.

$26.09 AUD

EGNT Newcastle Airport

Make it your airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$26.09 AUD

EGPB Sumburgh Airport

Sensational Sumburgh!

$19.56 AUD

EGPF Glasgow Airport

Welcome to the Gateway to Scotland!

$29.95 AUD

EGPH Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh - Where Scotland meets the world!

$29.95 AUD

EGPN Dundee Airport

The Culture Capital

$18.84 AUD

EGSG Stapleford Airfield

It's all in the little details of the charming English airport.

$20.29 AUD

EGSL Andrewsfield Aerodrome

$19.50 AUD

EGTB Wycombe Air Park

$18.99 AUD

EGTF Fairoaks Airport

$27.95 AUD

EGTK London Oxford Airport

London Oxford is a bustling business aviation airport located 40 miles north-west of Greater London. The airport is globally recognised and a popular choice for VIP business travel.

$22.99 AUD

EGTR Elstree Aerodrome

Elstree Aerodrome for Microsoft Flight Simulator takes you to one of the foremost general aviation airfields in England.

$20.29 AUD

EICK Cork Airport

$19.95 AUD

EIDW Dublin Airport

A fully detailed rendition of Dublin Airport with up-to-date ground layout and stands according to the real-world changes.

$19.95 AUD

EKVG Vágar Airport

The airport approach is challenging due to the hills surrounding it and regular wind gusts.

$14.95 AUD

ENAL Alesund Vigra Airport

$24.64 AUD

ENCN Kristiansand Airport

Velkommen til Kristiansand Airport!

$24.20 AUD

ENHD Haugesund Airport

$14.50 AUD

ENHF Hammerfest Airport

Welcome to the northernmost town in the world!

$26.09 AUD

ENML Molde Airport

Welcome to the Town of Roses!

$26.09 AUD

ENNO Notodden Airport

Introducing Notodden Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

$18.84 AUD

ENSD Sandane Airport

Sensational Sandane.

$18.84 AUD

ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen Airport

A perfect addition as you explore the Nordic Update!

$18.84 AUD

ENTC Tromsø Airport

$27.82 AUD

ENTO Sandefjord Airport

This airport is your new base of operations!

$26.09 AUD

ENVA Trondheim Airport

The international Airport Trondheim-Værnes, located in Northern-Trøndelag, is the fourth largest airport in Norway.

$20.00 AUD

EPBY Bydgoszcz Ignacy Jan Paderewski Airport

$13.32 AUD

EPKK John Paul II International Airport

EPKK Kraków MSFS is a highly detailed scenery of EPKK John Paul II International Airport in Kraków (Cracow), Poland. This product is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$31.99 AUD

EPLB Lublin Airport

EPLB Lublin MSFS is an airport in Poland serving Lublin and the surrounding region.

$13.82 AUD

EPMO Warsaw Modlin

High-quality model of EPMO Warsaw Modlin Airport, featuring the up-to-date version with extensive details throughout the whole airport.

$22.99 AUD

EPSY Olsztyn-Mazury Airport

A highly detailed scenery of EPSY Olsztyn-Mazury airport in Poland.

$14.00 AUD

EPZG Zielona Góra Airport

EPZG Zielona Góra is a highly detailed scenery of the smallest commercial airport in Poland - Zielona Góra Babimost.

$14.00 AUD

ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

Our very first Swedish destination for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Gothenburg Landvetter Airport!

$26.09 AUD

ESKN Stockholm Skavsta Airport

$26.99 AUD

ESMS Malmo Airport


$26.09 AUD

ESSB Stockholm Bromma Airport

Located in the heart of Stockholm, an airport and city built to the highest standards.

$26.09 AUD

EU Great Britain Central

Welcome to Great Britain Central, our first landmark region pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$19.56 AUD

EU Great Britain North

Designed especially for "low-and-slow" pilots who love to explore and discover new regions.

$19.56 AUD

F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 is a stealthy, supersonic, multirole fighter designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. and allied defense forces worldwide for an affordable next generation fighter.

$38.99 AUD

Fenix A320 Liveries Pack (Australia)

A set of Australian liveries for the Fenix A320.

$0.00 AUD

Fouga CM.170 Magister

One of the most famous and distinctive jet trainers to ever have been used by the French Air Force

$34.00 AUD

FR-104 G Starfighter

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter is a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft which was extensively deployed as a fighter-bomber during the Cold War.

$29.49 AUD

France VFR Nord-Ouest

France VFR Nord-Ouest MSFS is a pack bringing together in a single product all the elements and infrastructures necessary for practicing VFR flight in the North-West area of France.

$51.95 AUD

France VFR Nord-Ouest Airports

Nord-Ouest VFR Airports for MSFS is a pack bringing together in a single product 32 VFR airports and airfields located in the North-West of France.

$29.95 AUD

France VFR Obstacles & VFR Landmarks

$51.99 AUD

France VFR Paris VFR Airports

Paris VFR Airports MSFS is a pack containing 23 detailed airports and airfields all over the Paris Ile-de-France region.

$38.95 AUD

FS Academy IFR

Instrument flight training missions return, better than ever, with FS Academy - IFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$30.50 AUD

FS Academy Jetliner

Step up to the big leagues and go pro with FS Academy - Jetliner!

$30.50 AUD

FS Academy Navigator

FS Academy - Navigator is an all-new tutorial pack designed to add a new dimension to your flying, enabling you to navigate cross-country using real techniques to find your way.

$30.50 AUD

FS Academy VFR

Flight training missions return, all new and better than ever, with FS Academy - VFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$30.50 AUD

FS Academy Voyager

Take in our breath-taking world by embarking on a series of 7 Bush Trips across some of the most iconic locations.

$14.00 AUD

G91 Fiat Aeritalia

From Sim Skunk Works comes their first aircraft for the Microsoft Flight Simulator!

$30.00 AUD

GCFV Fuerteventura Airport

Now it's time to experience The Canary Islands in MSFS2020!

$19.95 AUD

Grumman JRF-6B Goose

Goodness Goose

$31.82 AUD

Halloween Hunt 2021

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.

$0.00 AUD

HI01 Princeville Airport

$10.50 AUD

Hungary VFR Airports

$0.00 AUD

Hungary VFR Landmarks

$0.00 AUD

Iceland Mesh

This freeware Iceland Mesh is made with our new proprietary approach for custom terrain meshes for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$0.00 AUD

Impulse Simulations Emergency Response Pack Liveries

A set of liveries used by emergency services.

$0.00 AUD

Impulse Simulations RFDS Livery Pack

A current collection of RFDS Liveries made to raise awareness for what the Royal Flying Doctor Service do.

$0.00 AUD

IndiaFoxtEcho America Class Amphibious Assault Ship

This package contains static, landable objects for the America class ships and is primarily meant as a companion of IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 aircraft for STOVL operation.

$7.95 AUD

IndiaFoxtEcho Ford Class Carrier

This package contains static, landable objects for the Ford-class ships and is primarily meant as a companion of IndiaFoxtEcho F-35C and T-45C aircraft for carrier recovery and launch operation.

$11.00 AUD

IndiaFoxtEcho Long-EZ

The Long-EZ is a modern, high performance, custom built long range aircraft featuring the latest advances in aerodynamics and structure to provide good utility, economy, comfort, simplicity and flight safety.

$24.99 AUD

IndiaFoxtEcho MB-339

The MB-339 was developed during the 1970s in response to an Italian Air Force requirement that sought a replacement for the service's existing fleet of Aermacchi MB-326

$33.00 AUD

IRIS Simulations Jabiru J160/J170

Australia's most popular light sport aircraft!

$35.00 AUD

IRIS Simulations Tutor T.1

The Tutor is a remarkable training aircraft and is a joy to fly for both student and instructor.

$28.00 AUD

KAVX Catalina Airport

For those looking for a bit of adventure, Catalina is a must have!

$26.09 AUD

KBCE Bryce Canyon Airport

Explore the National Parks of the Southwest!

$18.84 AUD

KBID Block Island State Airport

Welcome to Block Island, USA!

$21.96 AUD

KBOS Boston Logan International Airport

A world-class airport by a world-class developer!

$25.79 AUD

KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport v2

Explore the skies of Tinseltown today

$26.72 AUD

KCRW West Virginia International Yeager Airport

Kanawha Airport is now named Yeager Airport in honor of Brigadier General Chuck Yeager.

$26.09 AUD

KDCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

A high-quality model of KDCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

$24.00 AUD

KEYW Key West International Airport

The ever popular Key West International Airport is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$11.59 AUD

KHVN Tweed New Haven Airport

A true to life depiction of Tweed-New Haven Airport.

$18.84 AUD

KLAS Las Vegas Airport

$24.48 AUD

KLAX Los Angeles Airport

$14.39 AUD

KLGA LaGuardia International Airport

$21.60 AUD

KMDW Chicago Midway International Airport

Welcome travelers to Chicago Midway International Airport, home of the world's busiest square mile for incoming and departing airline flights.

$26.69 AUD

KMVY Martha’s Vineyard Airport

$27.95 AUD

Kodiak 100 Series II

Created with the help of Daher and real Kodiak pilots!

$55.49 AUD

KORH Worcester Regional Airport

$18.50 AUD

KORS Orcas Island Airport

A classic is reborn!

$18.84 AUD

KPSP Palm Springs International Airport

Blue skies, palm trees and a tropical breeze awaits you!

$26.00 AUD

KPWK Chicago Executive Airport

Experience the perfect approach to Chicago with one of the Upper Midwest’s busiest corporate and general aviation locations.

$24.00 AUD

KRDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport

$28.80 AUD

KRNT Renton Municipal Airport

A high-quality model of KRNT Renton Municipal Airport, featuring extensive details throughout the whole airport area.

$26.99 AUD

KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport

The American Riviera brought to life!

$21.74 AUD

KSJC San Jose International Airport

San Jose comes to life!

$26.09 AUD

KTIW Tacoma Narrows Airport

A great starting point for exploring Puget Sound.

$18.84 AUD

KVNY Van Nuys Airport

The perfect home base for your General Aviation flight adventures.

$26.09 AUD

Landmarks Adelaide City Pack

Welcome to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

$14.49 AUD

Landmarks Auckland City Pack

Welcome to the City of Sails!

$17.39 AUD

Landmarks Brisbane City Pack

Discover the laid-back charm of Brisbane.

$17.39 AUD

Landmarks Cairns

A tropical paradise just waiting for you to explore!

$14.95 AUD

Landmarks Cape Town City Pack

Welcome to the Mother City!

$17.39 AUD

Landmarks Chicago

The Windy City

$26.49 AUD

Landmarks Dubai City Pack

As a cosmopolitan metropolis, Dubai is known for its extravagant luxuries, ultramodern architecture and is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.

$11.59 AUD

Landmarks London City Pack

London Calling!

$11.59 AUD

Landmarks Moscow

Moscow Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$24.00 AUD

Landmarks Mumbai City Pack

Gateway to India

$11.59 AUD

Landmarks Panama City Pack

Landmarks Panama is your next must-have scenery upgrade.

$14.49 AUD

Landmarks Paris City Pack

Paris, known for having beauty, elegance, and for being a boldly romantic city, has been completely transformed for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$17.39 AUD

Landmarks Seattle

The home to many world-renowned companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon.

$24.00 AUD

Landmarks Singapore City Pack

Singapore, the bustling city-state in Southeast Asia, is famous for its booming economy and multiculturalism. With 150 landmarks included, our TrueEarth team have completely reinvented Singapore in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$17.39 AUD

Landmarks Taipei Xinyi District

In partnership with NVIDIA, we’re happy to bring you the Taipei Xinyi District Freeware pack!

$0.00 AUD

Landmarks Washington

Capital of the USA.

$24.00 AUD

LATI Tirana International Airport

$25.00 AUD

LDSP Split Airport

Enjoy the scenic approach into Split, Croatia!

$26.09 AUD

LDZD Zadar Airport

Zadar Airport (LDZD) is an ideal starting point for many flights throughout Europe.

$26.09 AUD

LECH Castellón Airport

$18.49 AUD

LESU Andorra–La Seu d'Urgell Airport

The particular elevation of the ground makes the approach to the airport unique!

$15.90 AUD

LFBD Bordeaux Merignac

$12.99 AUD

LFEC Ouessant Airport

$14.00 AUD

LFKB Bastia-Poretta Airport

Bastia airport is nestled between the mountains and the sea which makes for some challenging flying conditions. This scenery encompasses both the airport in complete detail, as well the surrounding area.

$26.09 AUD

LFKX Meribel Airport

An Alpine Adventure!

$14.49 AUD

LFLC Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne

$12.99 AUD

LFMT Montpellier Méditerranée

$12.99 AUD

LFPO Paris Orly International Airport

Welcome to Paris Orly Airport, the second largest hub serving Paris.

$32.90 AUD

LFRB Brest Bretagne

$12.99 AUD

LFRS Nantes Atlantique International Airport

Nantes Atlantique is a busy international airport serving the city of Nantes.

$25.80 AUD

LFST Strasbourg Entzheim

$12.99 AUD

LGAV Athens International Airport

Welcome to Athens

$23.99 AUD

LGIK Ikaria National Airport

The island is a famous holiday destination, surrounded by beautiful beaches and a breathtaking scenery.

$16.44 AUD

LGKO Kos International Airport

$27.50 AUD

LGSK Skiathos International Airport

Europe's Saint Martin!

$26.09 AUD

LGSM Samos International Airport

Known for its challenging approach, Samos Airport operates seasonally for European travellers to explore the sun-drenched destination.

$18.88 AUD

LGZA Zakynthos Dionysios Solomos Airport

$21.00 AUD

LICJ Palermo Airport

$14.99 AUD

LIEE Cagliari Elmas Airport

$17.99 AUD

LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport

A charming rendition of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport!

$26.09 AUD

LIML Milan Linate International Airport

Welcome to Milano, an Italian city known for fashion, business and culture!

$25.80 AUD

LIRF Rome–Fiumicino International Airport

$23.95 AUD

LIRQ Florence Airport

Florence's Airport is just minutes from the city centre, perfect for low-and-slow VFR scenic flights or convenient tourist travel.

$29.95 AUD

LKPR Václav Havel Airport Prague

Welcome to the City of a Hundred Spires

$28.99 AUD

LLBG Ben Gurion Airport

$28.49 AUD

LOIJ Sankt Johann Airport

Featuring a single asphalt strip along with two grass ones, Sankt Johann's airport is the epitome of a general aviation field and perfect for gaining experience in the mountains.

$21.50 AUD

LOWG Graz Airport

Fly Europe in style.

$26.09 AUD

LOWI Innsbruck Airport

The Complete Airport & Cityscape Scenery

$28.99 AUD

LOWS Salzburg Airport

High detailed recreation of the airport, surroundings and the historical part of the city.

$28.40 AUD

LOWW Vienna International Airport

Willkommen Vienna!

$31.95 AUD

LOWZ Zell am See Airport

Join Gaya Simulations on our latest adventure in Austria!

$22.00 AUD

LPMA Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, Madeira (Funchal)

$14.99 AUD

$10.49 AUD

LPPD Ponta Delgada João Paulo II Airport

Visit the Azores!

$14.95 AUD

LPPR Porto Airport

Welcome to Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal!

$19.95 AUD

LPPT Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport

Welcome to Humberto Delgado Airport, known simply as Lisbon Airport.

$19.95 AUD

LPVL Maia-Vilar de Luz Airport

Sitting atop a hill, Maia airport makes for a spectacular view of the Portugese countryside's rolling hills and the city of Porto.

$22.99 AUD

LSGK Gstaad Saanen Airport

$18.49 AUD

LSGR Reichenbach Airport

$15.90 AUD

LSPU Münster Airport

Münster offers an ideal base for visiting Switzerland in all its beauty.

$14.00 AUD

LSZK Speck-Fehraltorf Airport

$16.44 AUD

LSZR St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport

$18.95 AUD

LSZS Samedan Airport

Incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of Samedan Airport.

$18.84 AUD

LTBJ İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport

$25.89 AUD

$16.83 AUD

LTBS Dalaman Airport

$26.99 AUD

$17.54 AUD

LTFE Milas–Bodrum Airport

$38.00 AUD

LWOH Ohrid St Paul the Apostle Airport

Welcome to Ohrid St.Paul Apostle for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the first MSFS airport from Orbx developer Teo Gerovski!

$19.56 AUD

LYNI Niš Constantine the Great Airport

Welcome to Niš!

$24.64 AUD

LYPG Podgorica Airport

$18.17 AUD

LYTV Tivat Airport

One of the best places to practice your piloting skills is now available in great quality for the newest generation of flight simulators - Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$17.49 AUD

Milviz 310R

It's been a long time coming, but as the saying goes: Good things come to those that wait!

$58.00 AUD

Milviz FG-1D Corsair

Air show favourite - a Milviz first for MSFS2020!

$54.00 AUD

Milviz PC-6

Alpine Star!

$39.99 AUD

NA Alaska Mesh

Our next exciting mesh product for Microsoft Flight Simulator takes us to the big and beautiful Alaska!

$14.49 AUD

Nieuport 17

It's Hammerhead time

$22.72 AUD

Novawing24 Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-MQK 2021 Livery

The King Air 350i is operated by the RFDS South Eastern Section for operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Western Queensland.

$5.00 AUD

Novawing24 Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPQ 2019 Livery

The King Air 350i is operated by the RFDS South Eastern Section for operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Western Queensland.

$5.00 AUD

Novawing24 Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPQ 2021 Livery

The King Air 350i is operated by the RFDS South Eastern Section for operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Western Queensland.

$5.00 AUD

Novawing24 Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPX 2019 Livery

The King Air 350i is operated by the RFDS South Eastern Section for operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Western Queensland.

$5.00 AUD

Novawing24 Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPX 2021 Livery

The King Air 350i is operated by the RFDS South Eastern Section for operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Western Queensland.

$5.00 AUD

Novawing24 Cessna 208B RFDS VH-NQC Livery

The Cessna Caravan 208B was used by the RFDS QLD Section for operations in Far North Queensland from 2009 to 2019.

$5.00 AUD

Novawing24 Cessna 208B RFDS VH-NQD Livery

The Cessna Caravan 208B was used by the RFDS QLD Section for operations in Far North Queensland from 2009 to 2019.

$5.00 AUD

NZ Mesh

NZ Mesh is the first product made with our new proprietary approach for custom terrain meshes for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$11.59 AUD

NZNS Nelson Airport

Nelson Airport is located on New Zealand’s South Island and is the sixth-largest airport in the country. It regularly sees traffic from Air New Zealand, Originair and Sounds Air to numerous destinations across the country.

$29.49 AUD

OG20 Fairways Airport

Our first freeware Microsoft Flight Simulator airport!

$0.00 AUD

Okavango Delta

Visit one of the planet’s most diverse and untouched natural habitats!

$38.49 AUD

OMDB Dubai International Airport

$36.00 AUD

Orbx Fun with Friends

Up for some Fun with Friends?

$7.24 AUD

Orbx Santa Run 2021

Ho Ho Ho

$0.00 AUD

P-40B Tomahawk


$31.82 AUD

PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport

$19.90 AUD

PAKT Ketchikan International Airport

Windy Tongass Narrows.

$11.59 AUD

PATK Talkeetna Airport

$13.00 AUD

PAWD Seward Airport

$18.95 AUD

PHHN Hana Airport

$10.65 AUD

PHJH Kapalua Airport

$16.00 AUD

PHMK Molokai Airport

$24.00 AUD

PHMU Waimea-Kohala Airport

Waimea-Kohala Airport is located south of Kamuela Town at an elevation of 2,671 feet in the northern portion of the Big Island of Hawaii.

$16.50 AUD

PHOG Kahului Airport

$28.00 AUD

Reefworld The Great Barrier Reef

Welcome to Reefworld for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

$11.77 AUD

REX AccuSeason

Customize or dynamically automate your global seasons!

$35.00 AUD

REX Real Global Airport Textures

The new photo-based, global PBR airport texture enhancement add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$23.30 AUD

REX Weather Force

METAR-based dynamic real-time weather engine for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Experience automated, dynamic, and smooth weather transitions.

$30.00 AUD

RJAA Narita International Airport

Serving the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan, RJAA Narita for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a must have for the area.

$31.95 AUD

RKPK Gimhae International Airport

$21.00 AUD

RPLL Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Welcome to RPLL (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). The largest and busiest international airport of the Philippines.

$24.49 AUD

S45 Siletz Bay State Airport

A Bill Womack Classic comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

$14.49 AUD

SamScene3D Busan City Wow

Busan is the second large city metropolis of South Korea.

$24.00 AUD

SamScene3D Chongqing Magic City 8D

8D Magic City

$23.00 AUD

SamScene3D Guangzhou

$22.99 AUD

SamScene3D Hong Kong City Times

Over 300 custom iconic buildings and apartments are in this feature packed product!

$26.00 AUD

SamScene3D Japan Fukuoka Wow

Fukuoka is the largest city of Japan's Kyushu Island

$26.00 AUD

SamScene3D Macau

More than just a city pack, a detailed VMCC Macau International Airport is included!

$23.00 AUD

SamScene3D New York City Times

New York, New York.

$23.00 AUD

SamScene3D Pyongyang

$18.00 AUD

SamScene3D Seoul City Wow

Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea.

$25.00 AUD

SamScene3D Shanghai City Times

Shanghai is one of the four direct-administered municipalities of the People's Republic of China. This scenery covers the center area of Shanghai city.

$19.00 AUD

SamScene3D Shenzhen

$18.99 AUD

SamScene3D Tokyo Landmarks Enhanced

The main objective of this scenery is to show MSFS's Tokyo photogrammetry at its best.

$9.00 AUD

SamScene3D Wuhan

$23.00 AUD

SIJY Campo Comandantes Airport

AEROCB's first "Gift for Community" for the community.

$0.00 AUD

Simultech My Replacement Jetways

The My Replacement Jetways package replaces all the standard Microsoft Flight Simulator jetways with a more realistic model designed to better integrate into default airports.

$11.90 AUD

SNLO São Lourenço Airport

Do you know the city of São Lourenço in Minas Gerais?

$12.00 AUD

SoFly A Guide to Flight Simulator - Extended Edition

Become the best virtual pilot with hundreds of beautifully created pages in this spectacular guide. Perfect for newcomers and experienced simmers alike.

$35.95 AUD

SoFly Landing Challenge Pro

Take on 35 unique landing challenges across the world and put your skills to the test.

$14.95 AUD

SoFly Weather Preset Pro

60 stunning weather presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

$14.95 AUD

SSKT Santa Catarina Aeroclub

Enjoy this beautiful aerodrome and fly in the visual corridors of TMA Floripa and be enchanted by the coast of Santa Catarina.

$9.99 AUD

SSSS São Francisco do Sul Airport

Located near Joinville - SBJV, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, it's a great aerodrome for making beautiful visual flights on your MSFS.

$9.99 AUD

Sukhoi Su-31

The Sukhoi Su-31 is a single engine aerobatic aircraft that is very popular in airshows.

$25.49 AUD

T-45 Goshawk

Take flight today in the T-45 Goshawk, highly modified version of the British BAE Systems Hawk training jet aircraft.

$38.49 AUD

TF-104 G Starfighter

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter is a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft which was extensively deployed as a fighter-bomber during the Cold War.

$46.50 AUD

TFDi Design PACX

PACX seeks to bring the feeling of responsibility and the significance of travelling with passengers and crew to your simulator.

$41.99 AUD

TIST Cyril E. King Airport

$28.80 AUD

UGSB Batumi International Airport

$13.00 AUD

UKBB Boryspil International Airport

UKBB is Ukraine’s largest airport, serving the country's capital of Kyiv.

$19.99 AUD

UKLL Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport

Welcome to the City of Lions - Lviv in Ukraine!

$21.99 AUD

UKOO Odesa International Airport

Situated in the south of Ukraine and is one of the primary hubs for Ukraine International Airlines.

$21.99 AUD

URSS Sochi International Airport

Welcome to Sochi, the main beach resort of Russia, and one of the busiest airports after Moscow and St. Petersburg!

$27.00 AUD

USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)

$19.99 AUD

UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo MSFS is a highly detailed scenery of UUEE Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, Russia.

$31.99 AUD

Vans RV-14/14A

Touted for its performance, be it aerobatics or fuel economy, the RV-14 is arguably the best kit aircraft out there!

$24.99 AUD

Vessels Anguilla, St Martin and St Barts

Come visit paradise!

$11.95 AUD

Vessels Enhanced AI

Overhaul the default AI boat traffic

$16.92 AUD

Vessels Global Shipping

Patrol the shipping lanes!

$27.08 AUD

Vessels The Balearic Islands

Welcome to the Islas Baleares/Balearic Islands!

$21.49 AUD

Vessels The Channel Islands

Take a dawn or dusk flight to check out the twinkling ship's lights below.

$0.00 AUD

Vessels The Virgin Islands

Adds thousands of boats in marinas and travelling between and around this beautiful Caribbean island chain to bring the coastline to life

$18.99 AUD

Vessels UK South East

Home the world-famous Solent sailing clubs and the large ports of Southampton and Portsmouth, the UK’s South East is teeming with nautical life.

$20.99 AUD

WSSS Singapore Changi Airport

This handcrafted airport made with passion is full of visual improvements and custom made objects to represent Singapore Changi as real as possible.

$18.99 AUD

YAYE Ayers Rock Airport

Explore the Heart of Australia.

$22.99 AUD

YBBN Brisbane International Airport

Bringing you our latest airport for Down Under!

$23.19 AUD

YBMK Mackay Airport

Welcome to the Sugar Capital of Australia!

$26.09 AUD

YBNA Ballina Byron Gateway Airport

The classic coastal holiday town.

$26.99 AUD

YBSU Sunshine Coast Airport

The gateway to holiday destinations such as Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, and Caloundra.

$22.68 AUD

YCAB Caboolture Airfield

X literally marks the spot in one of Moreton Bay region's largest all grass strips with Caboolture Airfield.

$23.00 AUD

YCBG Cambridge Aerodrome

Located only a few kilometres from Hobart International Airport is Cambridge Aerodrome, the primary site for aeronautics in Hobart.

$29.49 AUD

YCDR Caloundra Airport

Most of Caloundra’s air traffic is flight training, mainly helicopter flight training.

$7.23 AUD

YCFS Coffs Harbour Airport

You will go ‘Bananas’ with what Coffs Harbour Airport has to offer.

$29.95 AUD

YLHI Lord Howe Island Airport

Welcome to Lord Howe Island (YLHI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

$26.99 AUD

YMEN Essendon Airport

Established in 1921, Essendon Airport is Australia's second oldest international airport after Sydney.

$26.09 AUD

YMHB Hobart Airport

Hobart Airport serves as the gateway to beautiful Tasmania.

$29.49 AUD

YPAD Adelaide Airport

YPAD caters for an abundance of aircraft types ranging from the 777 right down to the smallest of GA aircraft.

$29.95 AUD

YPPF Parafield Airport

Experience a rich history of aviation and art-deco control tower at Parafield.

$19.99 AUD

YRED Redcliffe Aerodrome

Redcliffe Aerodrome is home to various flight training schools and maintenance facilities that service South East Queensland.

$0.00 AUD

YSBK Bankstown Airport

Bankstown Airport, also known as Sydney Metro Airport is Sydney’s secondary Metro Airport.

$24.95 AUD

YSHT Shepparton Airport

Welcome to Shepparton Aerodrome, right in the heart of the Goulburn Valley.

$0.00 AUD

YSPT Southport Airport

A wonderful hand-crafted rendition of Southport Airport, Queensland.

$18.49 AUD

YSSY Sydney International Airport

Sydney Airport is the busiest in Australia handling over 42 million passengers per year from a variety of airlines all around the world.

$23.50 AUD